Former British Prime Minister Blair has hinted at a return to the Labor Party’s support rate-mide-031

Former British Prime Minister Blair signaled a return to save the labor party support – Beijing, former British Prime Minister Toni? Blair 6, in an interview on the previously expressed dissatisfaction with the leadership of the Labour Party, suggesting that return to politics, to help restore public Labour’s support rate, challenge the Conservative Party’s ruling position. The Labour Party leader Jeremy? Corbin in September last year by virtue of the "grassroots" support, overwhelmingly elected Labour leader, but more than a year has been a Labour MP skeptical of his leadership. After the British take off the referendum, Corbin’s party authority is facing unprecedented challenges. 24 last month, Corbin is still with the "grassroots" party "leader advantage re-election, defeating the coup". However, some pollsters believe that the labor party is far behind the ruling conservative party, in the foreseeable future it is difficult to defeat the Conservative Party in various elections. Blair accept the "gentleman" magazine interview, the labour party support rate far behind the conservative party phenomenon worried, said a series of policy advocated by Corbin would make Britain back in 60s of last century. Blair said he was trying to find a political role to enhance the party’s public support. In the face of the reporter’s return to politics, Blair cautious wording, but did not rule out this possibility. "I don’t know if I can play a part," Blair said. "I can’t say that at this stage…… Politics should be like this. Do I feel strong about it? You’re right。 Am I encouraged by it? Yes. How can I go there? What should I do? This is an open question." Xu Chao (Xinhua special feature)相关的主题文章: