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"Fortune" Global Forum Chinese Chairman: an economic outlook Chinese expect 2017 "fortune" Global Forum "is located in Guangzhou economic outlook Chinese expectations" reporter Luo Aihua source: "people’s Daily" "I remember 1999" fortune "Global Forum held in Shanghai, in the" fortune "global top 500 enterprises are less than Chinese 10, today the number has reached 103!" In September 13th, the Pearl River, Canton Tower, sunny, blue sky blue, "fortune" magazine editor Mu Ruilan was attending the "2017" fortune "Global Forum in Guangzhou press conference, reporters came to the collective interview, thumbs up, to express their Chinese economic confidence and praise. "At this rate, I believe there will soon be more than half of the enterprises from china." Ni Demu, managing director of Fortune Global forum. "Fortune" Global Forum was founded in 1995, is held every 16 to 18 months, invite global multinational companies chairman, President and CEO of the world famous politicians and economic scholars to participate, to discuss the problems facing the world economy. Fortune Global Forum has become the most clear and most direct window to grasp the world economy, and fortune 500 list of the world’s top known as fortune magazine’s two super card. Ni Demu said, as a help to governments, enterprises can exchange platform, the forum next year will focus on discussing new opportunities Chinese economic development, and how they will affect the development of multinational companies in the world and Chinese. Knowledge economy and innovation driven will become an important topic. At present, the world’s biggest challenge is how to provide a new driving force for economic and employment, the end of the global economic weakness in the long term. The just concluded the twenty G20 summit in Hangzhou for the world economy has brought about the sustainable growth of life, "the group of twenty innovative growth" blueprint "global infrastructure interoperability alliance initiative" group of twenty "Global trade growth strategy" and a series of achievements of popularity. 2017 is a good time for the forum to return to China, the global economic and trade relations are undergoing major changes, these changes will shape the future of business in twenty-first Century." Mu Ruilan said. Forum were selected in the global economic circles the most concern and the most attractive city, so far, has been in Barcelona, Bangkok, Singapore, Budapest, Shanghai, Paris city held a forum. 11 at the end of next year or the beginning of December, the "fortune" Global 500 chief executive and leader China leading companies gathered in Guangzhou, explore the new trend of the world economy. "Guangzhou China as the south gate, 2017" fortune "Global Forum held the ideal city," Mu Ruilan said, "for thousands of years, as the international trade center, Guangzhou is Chinese participation in global business famous historical symbol, is China in global commerce outstanding representative." "Guangzhou is the largest city and the largest port in the Pearl River Delta, which has a great attraction to multinational corporations, and has accumulated 288" wealth "theories相关的主题文章: