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This year the pilot four university English examination system of anonymous   to ensure fair competition — Education — original title: this year, the pilot four university English anonymous examination system to ensure fair competition according to the Broadcasting British Corporation reported on September 8th, Britain for the first time in Exeter (Exeter), Huddersfield (Huddersfield), Liverpool (Liverpool) and Winchester (Winchester) four the University began to pilot the anonymous examination system, in order to prevent teachers marking for students of race, identity and other "unconscious bias". It is understood that the system is designed to prevent the process of enrollment in the name of students due to potential racial discrimination. Students can see the background information about students, such as whether they come from low-income families. If the student’s name information is not displayed, the school will not be able to know the sex of the student, or any information that can reflect the ethnic background or religious belief. In addition, the government can also learn through the pilot anonymous exam system how to operate more widely, such as whether you can check the name before deciding to admit the student. For individual interviews, they need to determine when the interviewer will get the name of the student. According to foreign media reports, the British University Secretary Johnson (Jo Johnson) to support the elimination of inequality in higher education. He also said that regardless of the student’s background, the government will ensure that every talented person has the opportunity to enter the world’s top universities. Cameron, a former British Prime Minister, said last year that universities should take an anonymous exam to recruit students to promote social mobility and eliminate discrimination against ethnic minorities. In this regard, the British universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) staff Helen Thorne said, the project can make the move to understand the benefits of British universities, and how to use existing methods to ensure the fairness of the enrollment". At present, there are companies in the recruitment and use of similar systems to cover up the majority of job seekers information. According to Deloitte, an accounting firm, DDT said it would not look at a school where the applicants had been recruited in order to recruit more diverse employees. However, it is understood that there is no formal implementation of the British universities. (internship compilation: Chen Jiali reviewer: Liu Yang (Xiong Xu), commissioning editor: Hao Mengjia)相关的主题文章: