Four yoga postures stick autumn fat baby do not want to take you to unlock the workers need

Four yoga postures lead stick autumn fat baby do not want to take you to unlock the workers need most white-collar workers: think everyday is what kind of? Get up, eat, go to work, eat, work overtime, sleep, and then continue to cycle five days, I can work to make money, but I do not want to earn a body fat ah! What a small pot, elephant legs, pear shaped buttocks, all it good? (source: ELLE) then what should I do with them. The weather turns cold, can carry on the outdoor movement to be getting less and less, as if chooses the indoor yoga to help you. Yoga is not fitness intense, not aerobic let you thin fast, but it is a kind of soft days and months multiplying the movement way, not only can lose weight, but also eliminate pressure, body sculpting, regulating endocrine, especially workers in the face of fast-paced day and high pressure, learn yoga, will let you from the inside but not the same. But yoga is an addictive sport, watching the entertainment of those who love yoga master Tang Yan Tang Yan: don’t look thin, but it is definitely a super soft thin. Micro-blog in the drying out of yoga moves are very difficult. This new posture but unlock shocked many netizens, inverted back, head can be directly across from between the legs, the waist softness could be comparable to folded paper. This action is not one thirty while can be made, (sugar also said, to practice the guidance of professional teachers) and the individual’s softness is also relevant to usual practice, also don’t force yourself. This position is also a spread all across in confusion "of Tang Yan has a surprisingly soft degree. Before the sun has been a thumb bend can touch the small arm of the photo, it is not the average person can do. Tang Yan is very focused on their body flexibility, because the body becomes soft, her behavior is full of charm. This action at once touching it to the navel seconds! Yoga looks quiet and simple, but the long-term practice for skin firmness has very obvious effect. Sun Li Sun Li is the entertainment of the "Yoga spree", and the empress said, along with their own bestie yoga has been 12 years. Before they plan the day is "tennis? Yoga Yoga? Walk?", is now busy, but every week two yoga class or the unshakable. Sun Lisheng finished two babies, the figure is not only like a girl, the whole person’s mental state is healthy sunshine, and her love to do yoga inseparable relationship. Not only their own love of yoga, but also with their children to practice, it is also an interesting and healthy parent-child activities oh. Presumably after flowers grow up after the figure is very ~ there are a variety of worship guards difficult yoga postures: Sun Li dance skills must give her some difficulties in the process of learning to reduce yoga, but for the high difficulty of yoga, shaping, can not only reduce fat, the most important is the perseverance and endurance exercise. It must be important for a dedicated actor. Li Bingbing Li Bingbing is now a yoga master, she was filming because of injuries to contact yu!相关的主题文章: