Free Standing Drench

UnCategorized Free Standing Drench Showers are a requirement in any facility where hazardous materials may come in contact with more that a person’s eyes or face. If the potential exposure is limited to the eyes and / or face then an eyewash station may be all that is required. However, if potential exposure includes other parts of the body then a drench shower is required. And drench showers can also fill the need of washing or flushing the eyes and face. Free Standing Drench Showers are commonly located next to work stations and workers that are dealing with more dangerous hazardous materials. The goal is to offer immediate (less than several seconds) decontamination of the affected area and the person. These types of drench showers have a very small footprint and their location is only limited by the incoming and outgoing water lines. Many drench showers are also located outside of a building for outside workers. Free Standing Drench Showers are available with a number of options. Thermostatic mixing valves have become popular options because they mix the cold and hot water to provide a tempered water supply of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. These valves also have safety designs built into the equipment. For example, if the mixing valve or the hot water supply should fail then there is a water by-pass system to ensure a supply of cold water. In addition, the thermal actuator also senses variations in water input pressure and will make adjustments to supply a constant stream of water at the desired temperature and pressure. Another popular option is an alarm system to notify other workers that an emergency situation has occurred. These alarms are usually activated by either a sensor installed within the water supply line or with a sensor activated by the manual movement of the activation handle. A sensor in the water supply line is called a "double throw flow" switch. One of the more interesting new options is the magnetically actuated proximity switch. This switch activates the water flow when the user enters a pre-defined area near or under the shower. This option is becoming very popular because the user does not have to "see" or pull any type of level, cord, switch, or handle. It is a very desirous option for an emergency situation. This type of Drench Showers can also be ordered with a modesty curtain. These curtains are similar to home shower curtains and are provided to encourage the user to remove their contaminated clothing and remain under the shower for a 15 minute decontamination period. Another development for these showers is units made with a stainless steel ball valve. These ball valves will last for decades under normal use and will not corrode or react with minerals in the water supply lines. In some areas a "freeze proof" kit for drench showers would be appropriate. This type of shower would help prevent water from freezing in the water supply line during colder weather. Free Standing Drench Showers are usually constructed from galvanized steel, stainless steel, or heavy plastic (PVC) pipes. The water activation is usually accomplished with a heavy pull down rod with an open triangular handle. The standard minimum water flow rate is 20 gallons per minute at a water pressure of 30 pounds per square inch. Manufacturers also offer discounts to purchases of multiple units. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: