Fresh vegetables are often more than 4900 meters above sea level post cans become Mini vegetable –

Fresh vegetables are often more than 4900 meters above sea level post cans become Mini vegetable – Sohu Military Channel newspaper Lhasa on 13 October, October 12th, more than 4900 meters above sea level in Tibet Takexun post four sergeant Wang Yuanjun’s wife Liu Tingting to visit the troops, luggage bag no longer has to let the soldiers early adopters of the fruits and vegetables, but to eat the rich dishes on the table in the post. This change, thanks to the efforts to solve the problem at all levels of the army to eat fresh vegetables in the plateau of unremitting efforts. Over the years, the Tibet military region in support of the leading bodies at all levels, continue to explore the plateau army agricultural production, efforts to solve the problem of eating soldiers. In the area of permafrost resident, more than 4500 meters above sea level 2 meters thick, not the kind of melon, vegetables not long seedling. In the face of technology can not be improved plateau permafrost, they use the artificial way to fill the soil, the transformation of local natural environment, 3 years for the replacement of more than 6000 cubic meters of soil, the construction of greenhouses, 23. Frontline company and post arable land, they promote the introduction of the aerosol cultivation, seedling cultivation, matrix cultivation, networking control, more than 20 new technologies, innovation and construction of "base + Forces" network development model, has built a new agricultural technology experimental training base more than and 170 acres, the introduction of Tibet, white pepper and other 60 kinds of space excellent livestock, vegetables to provide troops to the plateau. The reporter saw at an altitude of over 4500 meters from the tin soldiers Nathula outpost, and old washbasin made "mini" vegetable harvest from the kinds of seasonal vegetables. After years of efforts, the Tibet military region to take agricultural and sideline production self-sufficiency and social security combination to solve force bite hard, now even in severe winter, the snow capped mountains and checkpoints can also eat fresh vegetables. October 12th to 13, more than 120 representatives from the national authorities and the Tibet Autonomous Region Government and the armed forces in Lhasa to take part in the high altitude "food basket" project and talent recruitment results to observe the scene, witnessed a new step in the Tibet military region to improve soldiers Chicai difficult to achieve.相关的主题文章: