From the big comeback to get rid of the terrorist Ding Junhui swept 6-1 slow fire (video)-nlite

From the big comeback to get rid of the terrorist Ding Junhui swept 6-1 slow fire [news] National Championships qualifier Ding Junhui 6-5 winner thrilling race sports Tencent in October 24th, 2016 in Daqing Snooker Championship first round match, Ding Junhui state is very good, completed Pobai 6-1 easily defeated the British Championships semi-finals Grace, successfully advance to the second round. In the first round of the match Ding Junhui changed slowly, from the first game began to be absorbed in all aspects of the state, ushered in the rise, eventually achieved a victory. On a match day, Ding Junhui Mann suffered in qualifying, although recently 4-0 zero seal opponents, but the match Ding Junhui state is very low, the problems encountered in slow 2-5 opponents to get match point danger. Since Ding Junhui realizes the Jedi reversal, but the tenth and eleventh innings are Mann sent gift, Ding Junhui and not completely inspired. Now the first round of the tournament after scoring, Ding Junhui’s opponent is Grace, although the latter is also unknown, but last season, had scored high light moment UK Championship semi-finals, and world ranking is far more than rival Mann before the battle, Ding Junhui will be a tough game. But this time Ding Junhui is gradually out of the slow, the state began a rebound. The first game Ding Junhui also once failed to promote the simple basketball turnovers, third innings and green light stick ball didn’t hit, when the penalty for myself made snooker. There is also Grace in the second inning break 100 strong pressure, but this time Ding Junhui is not affected, the offensive and defensive gradually return to normal levels, especially the recovery of long, become a game in the stalemate situation, a tool for Ding Junhui to open up the situation. The whole game, Ding Junhui completed a Pobai and three bar 50+, although the game has entered the fight time, but Grace will be very difficult for color into the stage of the competition, Ding Junhui is often built in the middle of advantage. By this victory also declared Ding Junhui to return to a normal state, get rid of slow play offense, this is worth looking forward to the national championships. (big air wing)相关的主题文章: