From the north to Cambridge, PA, the Chongqing somewhat cattle (video)

From the north to Cambridge, PA, the Chongqing Chongqing Dong Qiaosheng somewhat cattle in Fengdu, 2003 in Fengdu science first admitted to Peking University, has an undergraduate at the Department of medicine at the medical English majors, Department of philosophy, philosophy of science professional postgraduate students. In 2011, he went to University of Cambridge to study Ph.D. in classical Department of University of Cambridge. He engaged in comparative study between ancient Greece and Chinese medicine. He served as president of the Oriental Culture Association in 2012 and is committed to popularizing Chinese culture to the world. "Every nation and nation has left rich traditional cultural treasures to mankind. My biggest dream is to communicate" bridge "between China and Western countries through their own efforts, and to revive the voice of China. For a long time, Dong Qiao sound is learning tyrants in the academic line. From Peking University to University of Cambridge, from medical English, philosophy of science to ancient Greek and Chinese medicine comparative research, the span is bigger. Since 2014, he began to organize cultural activities to plan non – Legacy promotion. "I want to spread the remains of China to the world." Dong Qiaosheng said. Study of ancient Greek arts champion into Peking University in 2003, enrolled in the Fengdu County Experimental Middle School Qiaosheng Dong, Fengdu County in the first science achievement was admitted to the Peking University Health Science Center. He was a major medical English major, and later he was interested in philosophy, so he went to the Philosophy Department of philosophy when he was a graduate student. After graduating from my master’s degree in 2011, Dong Qiao went to University of Cambridge to read his doctor and chose the comparative study of ancient Greece and Chinese medicine. "It looks like a big span, but I’m really focused on the philosophy of medicine, especially the ancient Greek philosophy of medicine." He said, now many people talk about western medicine, they are concentrated in modern western medicine, and little attention has been paid to ancient Western medicine, but in fact, ancient Western medicine has left many treasures for human beings. No obstacle to reading a large number of ancient literature and ancient Greek must master the complex syntax, memory of many uncommon words. "Some uncommon words or even only in a Book appeared." In the first two years when he read a doctor, he read a lot of ancient classics besides studying language. Some even read several times. Besides, he had to consult related data of other subjects such as anthropology, sociology and so on, so as to do better research. "There are two or three Chinese students in the whole class. Chinese students are more diligent and more diligent to catch up with Western students." He told reporters that during that time, he was reading more than 10 hours a day. In the process of engaging in academic research, he also kept thinking: Although he studied traditional medicine, what is the significance of traditional medicine in the contemporary era? The pile of things, where is the value? How to make the book knowledge and reality, let Dong Qiaosheng began to non heritage students interest. In 2012, he began to serve as president of the Cambridge Oriental cultural society and devoted himself to the promotion of Oriental culture, especially Chinese culture in Britain. In June 13, 2015, the exhibition of "Longda master of Lausanne": a great exhibition coming to the world art, the holy Tang Ka world, was held in London by the Cambridge oriental culture society. Dong Qiaosheng is the sponsor of the exhibition. "Thangka" is a Tibetan language, which means the scroll painting with convenient carrying. It was sprang up in the period of Song Xan Gan Bbu in India. It absorbed and blended various elements of regional culture, such as Han, Tibet, Nepal and so on, and played a very important role in the world painting art hall. He said that making the top quality of the Tang card to be exhibited in Europe will allow more public awareness of the diversity of Chinese traditional culture. "Of the 32 Tang cards on display in the exhibition, there are a lot of medical Thangka, and my own interest in thangka is also derived from the medical Thangka." Dong Qiaosheng said that the combination of Tibetan medicine and the art of Thangka can make more people feel the charm of Tibetan culture. Want to set up institutions engaged in cultural exchanges between China and Britain in his spare time, Dong Qiaosheng love sword walk in the river, see the book. He said that walking along the edge of Jianhe would make him miss his hometown Chongqing in particular. "My home is in Fengdu in the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River before the total love to walk at leisure." However, he felt ashamed that, although he was committed to the promotion of the remains of China to the world, he did not know much about the remains of Chongqing. In his opinion, however, there is a lot of cultural resources in Chongqing that can be excavated. "Such as Fengdu, although the formation is the ghost culture, but the core is good and evil, with the traditional simple way to teach people." He said that after further digging, Fengdu could make the ghost city culture a cultural brand with the world’s influence. "In the future, I also hope to contribute to the promotion of my hometown." Now, after 4 years of development, Cambridge oriental culture society has become a public welfare organization officially recognized by the British charity office. More and more people are investing in organizing and implementing cultural promotion activities. "In October of this year, we will hold a symposium and related exhibitions in Cambridge, and also welcome experts and scholars from Chongqing to participate." He revealed that after his graduation, he wanted to stay in the UK for a period of time and work on the cultural exchanges between China and Britain. "We plan to set up institutions in China and Britain to engage in the promotion of Chinese culture. At present, we are raising funds, and we hope that like-minded people can join in. He said. Editor’s note: this video is not related to the content of the article. It is only for the extended reading of the annual output value of the Chongqing overseas students’ Pioneer Park over 5 billion yuan

从北大学霸到剑桥博士,这个重庆人有点牛董桥声重庆丰都人,2003年以丰都理科第一名考入北京大学,先后在医学部医学英语专业读本科,哲学系科学哲学专业读硕士研究生。2011年赴英国剑桥大学古典学系读博士研究生,从事古希腊与中国医学比较研究,2012年起担任剑桥东方文化学会会长,致力于将中国文化推广到世界。感言“各个国家民族都给人类留下了丰富的传统文化瑰宝,我最大的梦想就是通过自己的努力,铺沟通中西之“桥”,扬复兴中华之“声”。”一直以来,董桥声都是走学术路线的“学霸”,从北京大学到英国剑桥大学,从医学英语、科学哲学到古希腊与中国医学比较研究,跨度再大他仍游刃有余。从2014年开始,他开始组织策划非遗推广的文化活动。“我想把中国的非遗推广到世界。”董桥声说。文科状元入北大苦学古希腊文2003年,就读于丰都县实验中学的董桥声,以丰都县理科第一名的成绩考入北京大学医学部。原本是学的医学英语专业,后来他却对哲学产生了浓厚兴趣,于是读硕士研究生时,转到哲学系科学哲学专业。2011年硕士毕业后,董桥声远赴剑桥大学读博士,又选择了从事古希腊与中国医学比较研究。“看上去跨度蛮大的,其实我是专注于医学哲学方面,尤其是古希腊医学哲学。”他说,现在很多人谈论西医,都集中在现代西医,对古代西医关注很少,但其实古代西医为人类留下了很多瑰宝。要无障碍阅读大量古代文献,就得掌握古希腊文复杂的语法,记忆很多生僻的单词。“有些生僻单词甚至只在一本著作中出现过。”在读博士的前两年,他除了学习语言,还阅读了大量古代经典文献,有的甚至要通读好几遍,另外还得查阅人类学、社会学等其他学科的相关资料,以便更好地做研究。“整个班里有两三名中国学生,中国学生都比较勤奋,也只有更勤奋才能赶上西方学生的水平。”他告诉记者,那段时间,他差不多每天阅读时间都在10小时以上。让唐卡精品走进英伦在从事学术研究的过程中,他也在不停地思考:尽管自己研究的是传统医学,但传统医学在当代有什么意义?那些故纸堆里的东西,价值究竟在哪里?如何让书本知识与现实相结合,让董桥声开始对非遗产生了浓厚兴趣。2012年,他开始担任剑桥东方文化学会会长,致力于在英国推广东方文化尤其是中国文化。2015年6月13日,由剑桥东方文化学会主办的“洛桑龙达上师:走近世界艺术瑰宝——神圣的唐卡世界”大型展览在伦敦隆重举行,引起不小的轰动。董桥声就是此次展览的发起人。“‘唐卡’是藏语,意为携带方便的卷轴画,兴起于吐蕃松赞干布时期,吸收并融和了汉、藏、印度、尼泊尔等多种地域文化的艺术元素,在世界绘画艺术殿堂中占有非常重要的地位。”他说,让唐卡精品到欧洲展出,可以让更多公众认识中国多样的民族传统文化。“这次展览展出的32幅唐卡中,有很多医学唐卡,而我自己对唐卡的兴趣也源自于医学唐卡。”董桥声表示,让藏传医学与唐卡艺术相结合,能够让更多人感受藏传文化的魅力。想在设立机构从事中英文化交流闲暇时,董桥声喜欢在剑河边走走,看看书。他说,在剑河边上走走,会让他特别思念家乡重庆。“我的老家丰都也是在长江边上,以前茶余饭后总喜欢到长江边散步。”不过,让他觉得惭愧的是,虽然致力于将中国的非遗推广到世界,可自己对重庆的非遗了解得不多。不过,在他看来,重庆还有很多文化资源可以挖掘。“比如丰都,虽然形成的是鬼城文化,但核心是惩恶扬善,用传统质朴的方式教导人。”他表示,经过进一步深入挖掘,丰都完全可以将鬼城文化打造成一个具有世界影响力的文化品牌。“今后,我也希望能为家乡的非遗推广献一份力。”如今,经过4年的发展,剑桥东方文化学会已成为英国慈善总署正式认可的公益组织,越来越多的人投入到文化推广活动的组织策划和执行中。“今年10月,我们将在剑桥举办一个关于非遗的研讨会及相关展览,也欢迎重庆的专家学者来参与。”他透露,博士毕业之后,他还想在英国待一段时间,从事中英文化交流方面的工作。“我们计划在中英两国同时成立机构,从事中国文化的推广工作,目前正在筹措资金,很希望有志同道合的人能够加入进来。”他表示。编者注:本视频与文章内容无关,仅供扩展阅读 重庆留学生创业园年产值逾50亿元相关的主题文章: