Fujian art Poverty Alleviation Office of the first phase of the base class Wings for the children’s running man 20130908

The art of Fujian Poverty Alleviation Office first "base class": for the children of art dream wings – Beijing new network in Fuzhou in September 11, (Zhang Shijian) "the school is so beautiful, so beautiful before in the country had never seen the campus, can learn good here." 10 is the teacher’s day, in this special day, Yuan Ziping first saw the new school, could not help but to the next six years of learning life full of longing. The same day, Fujian poverty alleviation projects — Fujian art art Career Academy first base classes, dozens of children from Fujian, Longyan, Ningde and other old revolutionary base areas have entered the new school of art, to meet the new campus life. The picture shows Cheng Chunling, director of the Department of dance, Career Academy, Fujian art teacher in the guidance of art students. Photo by Zhang Shijian, 12 year old Yuan Ziping from Shanghang Fujian County, Longyan City, the famous old revolutionary base areas. Not long ago, after the recommendation of the local cultural center, as well as the selection of the Fujian Museum of art teacher interview, Yuan Ziping set foot on the Department of art, Career Academy, Fujian, the last train admission". Prior to this, the mother Fu Manzhao was also worried about her daughter’s tuition. The first phase of the base class enrollment to focus on poverty alleviation and development in Fujian County primary school graduates six grade as the object, to recruit music and dance performances of the two professional. All students will be admitted to the school for all tuition fees, accommodation and fees. "The school teacher said purple are long legs, arm is very long, very suitable for learning to dance, but her daughter at home not only to help the family cook, to wash clothes, did not have a chance to play in the dance to her." Fu Manzhao said that through the poverty alleviation project can come to Fuzhou to learn, the opportunity is really rare, I hope my daughter will be promising in the future. For students and parents to practice dancing in the poly God watch the previous students. Zhang Shijian, vice president of Fujian art Career Academy, said the school, the art of poverty alleviation work began in 2008, when only two students enrolled in the school in. After years of exploration, the school has accumulated experience in recruiting students this year in the art of poverty alleviation, the Culture Department of Fujian Province, the provincial education department and other departments of the support, is for the first time in poor areas of Fujian to recruit students "composed of hard base class". In the afternoon at the Fujian Provincial Department of culture, arts new poverty base forum, deputy director of Fujian Provincial Department of culture, Chen Ji said, "base class" is a "pioneering initiatives", by the Provincial Department of culture to co-ordinate the deployment, relying on the Provincial Museum of art art rich experience in poverty alleviation, Career Academy School of art strength and perfect song and dance theater stage performance platform, from enrollment, learning, employment three aspects to help impoverished county children, help them to realize the dream of art. The reporter learned that, in accordance with the employment policy, the "base class" will give priority to recommend excellent graduates to Fujian Province Song and dance theatre, the Museum of Fujian Province, the province of the cultural and Art Museum (station), the province of the dance theater of employment, and assist the employment difficulty of employment. In the afternoon, the Fujian Provincial Department of culture, the Provincial Museum of art, Fujian art Career Academy jointly held a forum on the art of poverty alleviation forum Shen Chong Chen Ji said, "base class"相关的主题文章: