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Fujian university students in campus campus part-time cheated Loan – Beijing micro-blog China screenshot Beijing November 1st Youth Network (reporter intern reporter Zhao Jiaqi Wu Yang) in November 10th published the "95 China young female students after 300 thousand to 500 thousand campus loan principal" naked "was sent to the network", reported on a "95 after the girls to multiple campus loan platform loan, in the" bare loan "to 500 thousand. November 13th China Youth Network continue to focus on campus loan". Recently, Fujian Sanming University students have their own micro Bo said, with a number of students were lured into a loan to buy a mobile phone, after finishing the loan purchase procedures, but did not get a mobile phone with debts. 20 college students total arrears amount of up to about 200000. November 11th China Youth Network reporter pointed in accordance with micro-blog, linked to a school student hwang. Hwang said he is a fool at the end of December 2015, he in the school part-time group saw the same school student Su released "recruit a scalper", Huang said it was su promise of "high pay" move, coupled with "Acquaintances", and Huang Su to reach cooperation. Students chat screenshots provided Su said the "brush" is through the "scalper" in a "love school loan" and "College Students’ financial services platform" on loan, the campus agent Su as the platform, from the completion of their own performance, at the same time according to the payment agreement. According to the reporter observed love learning loan platform is divided into two main business, first, electronic products, luxury shopping in stages, and the other is called take some flowers, small loans. All debts need to be phased monthly repayment, if overdue, will be liquidated damages. In December 30, 2015, Huang Su guidance on the platform to complete the registration, and pay the first payment of 525 yuan, staging a "buy" Apple mobile phone (worth 6999 yuan), but also through the "little flower" loans 1500 yuan, to the su. After the completion of the operation, according to the agreement agreed to pay 400 yuan as a reward. In accordance with the provisions of the Soviet Union agreed to bear all subsequent installments". But only after the repayment of 1575 yuan Huang disappeared. According to Hwang calculations, as of now, there are still 7625 yuan to repay. Hwang found himself in the same encounter with the Sanming University, there are many, after contact with each other, he found that there have been 10 people were fooled in the same way sumou, the total amount of the current arrears of more than 100 thousand yuan. This is a reminder of someone in the Soviet Union repayment, sumou told Sanming University has more than 20 people were deceived, there are probably no more than 280 thousand". November 11th afternoon, China Youth Network reporter removed contact sumou. It said that he was learning to love the campus agent does not need to borrow so much money, just to help Li Peng turnover business, as well as to complete their business". At first, Li can be fixed monthly repayment, but the beginning of this year, Lee can not repay. Su told reporters that his economic ability is unable to repay the debt left Xiao li. Su said that as for how much money is still not yet he did not know, but will contact Xiao Li, the money back.相关的主题文章: