Fujian to Kinmen water supply project has completed 11.5 km pipeline network in the new land winfast

Fujian to Kinmen water supply project has completed 11.5 km pipeline laying – land in new network on 25 August, Xinhua news agency, Fuzhou (reporter Lin Kai) reporter recently learned from the Fujian Kinmen water supply project construction management Fang Jinjin water supply company, since October 12, 2015, Kinmen water supply project (mainland section) started since the project entered the construction phase, is progressing smoothly. To Kinmen water supply from Quanzhou city of Jinjiang River basin. Jinjiang Jinji sluice diversion to Longhu reservoir, the Longhu pumping station pumping water to the sea around the head, the submarine pipeline to kinmen. As of mid August, Kinmen water supply project (mainland section) a total investment of 110 million 300 thousand yuan, a total length of 11.68 km pipeline land has completed the laying of 11.5 kilometers. In the construction site, the reporter saw the construction workers are busy 24 semi-circular counterweight cement blocks in a locked one by one 40 meters long, 800 mm diameter black pipe, then the root pipes slowly sank into the sea. Submarine pipeline construction is different from the construction of the land pipeline, affected by the weather and sea conditions, the construction is more difficult." The construction of Jiangsu Shenlong Marine Engineering Company Limited General Manager Ni Fusheng said that the construction of more than 200 people have taken three shifts of 24 hours of homework, now completed 1.4 kilometers of beach test section laying, and strive to November before the completion of submarine pipeline laying, to ensure the whole project with water conditions before October 2017.相关的主题文章: