Gangs reselling Ivory first instance jailed for 3 to 14 years the family court fainted –

Gangs reselling Ivory first instance jailed for 3 to 14 years the family court fainted – Beijing large ivory, rhinoceros horn and paws belong to the rare and endangered wild animal products, the provisions of China prohibited illegal trade. But Teng 6 people driven by interests, rush into danger for illegal transactions, involving an amount of up to 16 million yuan. Yesterday, Xicheng court of first instance verdict on the case, Teng et al by the court sentenced ranging from 3 to 14 years imprisonment and fined. The case is also the largest amount of illegal acquisition of forest police in Beijing, transportation, sale of rare and endangered wildlife products cases. Over half a ton of reselling Ivory horns worth millions court found, July 2015, by Li Moucheng and Lee to 120 thousand yuan per kilogram price to sell raw Teng rhino horn 9, and by Lee and express the rhinoceros horn transported to Beijing. Teng is two times the rhino horn to a single Mouling and secretary Chen (already sentenced) processing. In addition, the public security organs from a coma and Teng et al jointly run shops and coffers seized a large number of ivory products, paws. According to statistics, endangered wild animal products involved in this case include rhinoceros horn raw material 9, the value of more than 223 yuan; horn three, value of 29 yuan; more than 500 kilograms of ivory, the value of more than 1300 yuan; a plurality of ivory bracelets, the value of RMB 4.7 yuan; paws 35, value of 17 yuan; rhinoceros angle weight 0.883 kilograms, worth more than 22 yuan; a pangolin tablets 4, weight 0.081 kg, the value of 108 yuan; 2 claw disc, the value of RMB 1.2 yuan, the total value of approximately 16 million yuan. By courier back to Beijing by others for processing in the case of the trial, Teng said before the incident he and two friends in Beijing Tianya antique market flat-share a shop. Last summer, a friend said that there are a number of rhinoceros horn want to sell, I bought 120 kilograms per gram price of about $9, spent about 1000000." Teng said, shortly after the payment, express to the horns on his hand. Subsequently, Teng will give this batch of rhinoceros horn carving of a hill and understand our single Mouling processing. For the purchase of ivory, Teng said that he was from a friend named Zhao bought the same by Lee and is responsible for the express to Beijing. On the court, Teng argued in the 500 kilograms of ivory, in fact he only wanted one hundred or two hundred kilograms, the rest is just to help. In addition to the illegal acquisition of rhinoceros horn and ivory, Teng is also from the hands of others to buy and sell a pangolin bear commissioned piece, wild animal products such as claw disc. The six people were jailed for the families of the accused to court the case yesterday fainted in the west side court verdicts, some families of the accused also arrived at the scene to attend. The court held that, Teng and Lee and constitutes illegal purchase, transportation, sale of rare and endangered wild animal products crime, so two people by the court were sentenced to 14 years and 13 years. The court held that Li Moucheng, Si Mouchen, Deng Moutong, Lu Ying et al constitutes non perturbation相关的主题文章: