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SUV Car Buying geely vision guide 80 thousand highest Yan value SUV8 28, geely vision (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) SUV officially listed, the new car launched a total of 6 models, including 3 models equipped with the 1.8L naturally aspirated engine, 5 speed manual and 3 edition models equipped with 1.3L turbocharged engine models CVT, the price range of 7.49-10.19 million, in addition to 1.8L manufacturers also models a subsidy of 3000 yuan, the actual payment price for 7.19-10.19 yuan. So which car which is worth the most recommended to you? Inner Mongolia grassland first test geely vision SUV 71 thousand and 900 yuan worth buying SUV? If you are currently on the car is not very understanding, then you can click on the picture below the jump to my colleagues of the car related to the test article to learn more about. "Introduction: new GX7 models as the modified car, geely vision SUV models from the Geely NL-4 platform, and more like Bo 1.8L models will also enjoy 3000 yuan subsidies for manufacturers. The 1.3L turbocharged engine maximum output power of 98kW (133Ps), and will match the CVT CVT, the CVT gearbox can simulate 8 stalls. The whole system comes standard: we can see from above, the whole system comes standard with the listing of the auspicious prospect of SUV models can be said to be satisfactory, but in relation to the operation of the vehicle and the safety performance of the configuration of SUV vision can be said to be more sincere, such as the descent and traction control and so on are all standard. The following author to bring you the prospect of SUV models of detailed recommendations, including the model we recommend. The vision of SUV launched 6 models to three models of 1.8L +5 naturally aspirated engine speed manual transmission version and three 1.3L turbocharged engine simulation + 8 speed CVT version of the model, in fact, is the basic configuration of three configuration models, just different powertrain. So, the configuration is divided into a comfortable version of the model, the deluxe edition models and GLS models (1.3T edition of the top name for ultimate models), and 1.8L top ultimate models with different distribution of GLS model and 1.3T dingpei only shown as below. However, due to the impact of the naturally aspirated engine and turbocharged engine on vehicle performance, the brake system has some essential difference, naturally aspirated and turbocharged version of the car models such as: naturally aspirated engine version using hydraulic power, while the turbocharged engine version for electric power; the parking brake naturally aspirated models using the handbrake however, the turbocharged version models for the foot brake. Therefore, we will focus on the SUV is divided into three versions of the configuration, with low (comfortable version of the model), with (luxury version of the model) and the top (distinguished edition and ultimate models). Here we further analyze the difference between low and medium matching models. From the table we can clearly see that, in the low allocation models and models with the car, the price difference is only 7 thousand yuan, but the difference is relatively large configuration. In particular, keyless entry, electric sunroof, GPS navigation, central control fluid相关的主题文章: