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Golden Triangle KMT end: 260 lives for the remnant of Thailand citizen card core tip: see Mr. rushed in front, encouraged by remnant soldiers, the play more fierce, the evening of March 8th finally captured rebel guerrilla headquarters on Asan, killing a total of 350 remnant guerrillas captured 206 people. A total of 260 people died in the remnant. This article from:, author: Sun Chunfu, the original title: "Golden Triangle, why can Jiang remnant left 60 thousand generations? Golden Triangle borders on Burma, Thailand and laos. Specifically refers to the northeast of Tachilek, Burma, Xingcheng, Wan Hong bold, Jing Dong, WA; Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Laos kingsone meters northwest, Tan Mei; Meng race, Phongsaly, South Tower, a total area of five hundred thousand square kilometers. In the past, the illegal production of opium in Golden Triangle accounted for sixty-nine percent of the world’s total. In fact, Golden Triangle has become the focus of Southeast Asia, the world and the United Nations concern, not only because of drug abuse, drug trafficking and other related armed like guns, bloody, more important is due to the presence of the Kuomintang remnant. Now 58 years later, Chiang Kai Shek in Golden Triangle still left a descendant of 60 thousand people. Why can the remnant and their descendants live in Golden Triangle? Why don’t these countries eliminate or drive them out? They can occupy a place to survive, rely on the money to buy or support of the United States, etc.. With these questions, the author has more than and 10 times to go to Golden Triangle, through in-depth interviews, open the group without nationality living abroad Chinese survival mystery. Kunshouyoudou, blaze a new trail the liberation of Yunnan in February 20, 1950. In this day, the Eighth Army 237 division 709 regiment Colonel general Li Guohui, more than 1000 rate of remnant from my Yunnan Ximeng wa mountain in Burma, accompanied by Eighth Army commander Li Mi’s personal aide Deng Kebao. In the few days before, the Eighth Army commander Li Mi with several attendants have fled to Burma, the KMT spy arrangement, army commander Li Mi was escorted to the Thailand Bangkok, from Bangkok to Taiwan, Jiang Jieshi was called to discuss the organization of "Yunnan people’s anti Communist volunteer army" plan. Li Guohui, Henan, born in 1910, ranks, medium height, high prestige in the army, and soldiers fighting in the lead through thick and thin, tough; Deng Kebao, Nanjing, born in 1924, graduated from the University, Li Mi’s personal aide to commander Li Mi, Deng Ke and Li Guohui with the escape, want him to master the army, the establishment of the anti Communist base in Golden Triangle, after leaving for Taiwan command. Li Guohui, Deng Kebao in Burma to discuss, don’t hurt people, are not allowed to steal property, rape, or kill with lawful authority. The troops trembling in the primeval forests through two days, did not meet the old people, also did not meet the government forces in Burma. Li Guohui is clear, the more calm the more dangerous, not to mention this is in a foreign land. He did not dare to relax his vigilance, to scout open, search forward. The third day, the troops forward to a map called Meng Pingba, great place. The reconnaissance company ran to report to the colonel Wu Chenggong covered with confusion in front of Li Guohui, found an unknown number of armed stockade. Li Guohui ordered Wu successfully captured 2 prisoners, get.相关的主题文章: