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Good hair from the root   scalp care so important you know! – Sichuan Channel – People’s original title: from the root to maintain good hair scalp care so important you know! Scalp care have long been ignored, because many girls feel that to improve the hair should first hair care, so buy love essence and mask and other hair care products. However, the scalp is the root of the hair, and the hair will be a problem, it is because the scalp is not healthy enough. If you understand the relationship between the scalp and facial skin, will never let down the scalp care. The area of the scalp is 4 times more than the face, while the aging speed of the scalp faster than the face of 6 times. Scalp and skin, composed of collagen, when a large amount of loss of collagen in the scalp, the scalp will be relaxed and unhealthy state, the scalp will relax along the forehead to the corner of the eye eventually lead to facial relaxation. Scalp is the source of hair, it is more delicate than the other parts of the human skin, fragile, we need careful care. The scalp is a part of the skin, is a soft tissue covering the head, but also the first barrier to isolate the outside world, it has the same structure as the skin of other parts of the body. There are some differences in the skin of the scalp and other parts of the body. Skin cell metabolism cycle is 28 days, scalp cells only 14-21 days. Therefore, the scalp is more delicate, more vulnerable than the facial skin, but also more vulnerable to external damage. At the same time, the secretion of oil glands in the scalp is faster and more robust than the facial skin, which provides favorable conditions for the survival and reproduction of bacteria. So only the necessary maintenance of the scalp, in order to keep the scalp healthy state. Scalp aging performance: relaxation, hair loss, dry itchy scalp, dandruff, scalp oil, premature white hair. The main causes of scalp aging: natural aging, mental stress, tension, a variety of radiation, scalp blood circulation is not smooth, bad habits. Scalp care to do? In fact, the scalp care just like facial care, you can carefully clean, and then moisturizing, and finally massage. This is the most basic professional scalp care. In general, the scalp sebum is about 3 times the face T word area, so in the pores clean to be more serious, can not let oil and other acidic substances in the scalp. In addition, after cleaning and moisturizing, to properly massage the scalp, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism, can promote hair growth. Editors: Shiseido professional hair care Fong Road, spring Qin Lu atmosphere scalp dry scalp for 60ml 350RMB Fiona Crawford green scalp Soothing Oil 50ml RMB 280 (hydrafresh commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia)相关的主题文章: