Google maps 6! Can help you predict good parking around (video)

Android version of Google maps online destination parking forecast function, parking difficulty is divided into three levels, the service currently covers the United States in the large cities of the 25.

(Color) is easy to buy a car to keep a car, the car is easy to park difficult, in fact, not just in China, foreign friends want to find a place where no one is not easy to stop.

recently intimate Google maps on the line of a new feature that can help owners predict good parking around, after all, who do not want to find a parking space and late on the dating.

it is understood that Google maps by calling the historical data to predict the surrounding parking difficulty, from high to low is divided into Limited, Medium and Easy three levels, if you see a red flag Limited, will seriously consider the destination. Now the feature has been on the latest version of the Android version of Google maps, I believe other platforms will soon follow up.

is worth mentioning is that this is not the first time the map using huge installed capacity and data to develop new features, such as last November Google search results based on anonymous location data and the launch of the Popular Times time, so that users can search in Google and Google map view businesses are the busiest.

if you want to know the parking difficulty, the user first needs to plan the route, then the prediction will appear in the destination card. At present, the function has been the first landing in 25 large city in San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Losangeles, because the more in densely populated areas, the easier it is to stop the problem of uneven distribution of resources.