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Great West Ling River at a landscape of lakes and mountains, river lake tourism Sohu – Best West Ling a landscape of lakes and mountains, beside the river lake lake name we can speak of the little river lake off the reel, absolutely not ranked on a. However, if you talk about me Yishui lake to a landscape of lakes and mountains, really mean still. The southern Xiushui, vast illimited Taihang Mountains, there are also many similar lake, however, can have such a high mountain is really not much. The Taihang mountains mountains, vegetation is good at high altitudes. The lake is surrounded by towering mountains and green water. We climb afar, panoramic view of a landscape of lakes and mountains. No wonder some people say, "if you know the beautiful scenery here, why thousands of miles south of the Yangtze river". In order to meet the first tourism development conference in Hebei, Baoding, Laishui, Yixian County tourism industry gathering area, around the famous scenic spot for a comprehensive renovation and construction. To the attractions of the road on both sides of the flowers, like the sea, houses and roadside shops completely abandoned the dirty and messy, let people have a new feeling. River lake is located in Baoding to 30 kilometers southwest of the city, is surrounded by towering mountains by 50s and the construction of an artificial lake. The surface area of 27 square kilometers, 48.5 meters deep, the south of the lake is connected with Langyashan, North West Zijingguan, five peak is walled up to 1283 meters above sea level, on the east side of Jiulong Mountain. River lake lock Yishui River upstream water collection into the lake, the water is clear and pure. Beautiful environment, landscape layout, and vines upside down a precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs southern style, known as "small northern Guilin" and I come from all over the country and the media Master anchor to join the "welcome the first provincial tourism conference" civilized travel "banner and transfer hundreds of anchor flowers run. The opening ceremony of the afternoon, we came to the river lake. I was on a boat from Xingtai to marry a beautiful tour guide to Yixian County. The boat through a landscape of lakes and mountains, her interpretation of euphemism, full of wit and humour. With the story of the aura. With the song, there is laughter. She told us here is the movie "Chibi" on location. Director Johnwoo would have chosen it as the "main" shooting base in Chibi, to restore the natural barrier of the Yangtze River a seamless heavenly robe of the spirit. Who can think of, we saw in the movie "huoshaolianying" spectacle is actually filmed in the Yishui lake? However, if you think this is a beautiful scenery of Yishui lake, it is completely mistaken, here is a place where a king. As early as in the Sui Dynasty, West King Li Mi led Wagang army was the capital of Jin, known as rongcheng. To the Qing Dynasty, Lantau Peak on the opposite side of the mountain was selected as the Qing Xiling tomb site, because here "wearing (crown), toe Zijingguan Lantau Peak, helped the five peak right left Fujiu village, Longshan, is a piece of Feng shui. West of the lake "two phoenix head" in Lantau Peak, Yamagata like Phoenix, on the top of the hill there is a cypress like a small Phoenix squat, a strange landscape of small Phoenix in Phoenix on the back of the squat. Because of the shape of the Phoenix bird named. The ancient river lake, here also because "The wind blows strongly. the Yi River is so cold, the hero will go never to return!" Famous all over the world. Therefore, the river lake also witnessed the historic town相关的主题文章: