Green packaging should be mandatory national standards


    2016, China express business volume has crossed the 30 billion threshold, ranked first in the world, and is associated with the rapid growth of the scale of logistics packaging, the vast majority of plastic bags can not be a natural decomposition, green packaging is a widespread social concern.

is being held in 2017 in Zhejiang province "NPC and CPPCC", the Zhejiang provincial CPPCC members, Alibaba CPO, rookie network chairman Tong Wenhong said that the rapid development of express industry, for 6 consecutive years of annual growth of more than 50%, is a new momentum of economic development and the "accelerator", green development as the industry consensus, together to promote the use of green packaging.

Tong Wenhong suggested that speeding up the national mandatory standards, making full use of green packaging industry; government and enterprises together to increase efforts to promote the establishment of producers, operators and consumers of green logistics identity; change the packaging standard is not unified situation, really can be completely unified standard of green packaging materials become degradation.

it is understood that in June last year, the Ministry of environmental protection and other relevant departments under the guidance of rookie network and partners to start the logistics industry’s largest environmental joint action "Green Plan" to create a world-class level of green logistics and green supply chain. During the first half of the year, "Green Plan" has been formulated, in the study of environmental protection standard express courier bags biodegradable R & D and express carton recycling and other aspects to make a number of attempts, and launched the green package area in the Taobao Tmall platform for businesses to launch a "green package" plan, encourage and support businesses and consumers to use green packaging materials, made a very good effect.

green action plan proposed in 2020, for the industry to reduce carbon emissions by 3 million 620 thousand tons, a total of about 50% of the electricity supplier wrapped packaging replaced by a biodegradable green packaging for 100%. This needs to strengthen the policy funds to support, improve the promotion of green packaging standards, set up green packaging materials procurement platform, strengthen the integration of resources and propaganda, etc..

green logistics is a systematic project, not a business, an industry can be completed independently." Tong Wenhong said, "this requires the full support of five in one": including the national policy support of relevant departments, production, packaging, distribution, logistics businesses and enterprises to fully understand and actively participate in the platform, enterprises should also play a role, need more recognition of consumers and the public.