Greentown new thigh against the old master Xie Pengfei Gu Chao to jointly against (video)

Greentown new desire against the old master Xie Pengfei Gu thigh against [report] – jointly Suning home court 2-0 5 game winning streak Xie Pengfei Teixeira scored two TEDA Sunday League second Jiangsu Suning away against Hangzhou Greentown, the two sides in the first leg match, Suning home court 1:1 with Greentown, indirectly led to the Romania coach Petre J Cu "class" but this confrontation, Suning on loan to Greentown foreign aid Samir has become the focus of the outside world. The once known as thigh super foreign aid, recently because of the problem can not play, encountered a little trouble. Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Hao Samir can play old club teams doubtful whether the terms of a determination to avoid the end of last year, after Suning took over the Jiangsu football, it opens the Buy mode, invested heavily in the transfer market and the introduction of Teixeira Ramirez, has also been introduced to Brazil before the foot and if the Australia International Science. Last season foreign aid Samir because in the FA Cup final last year scored lore ball, helping the team win to avoid the situation of being washed. But at the beginning of the season, Samir was often on the bench, the former Croatia striker he was unhappy about the club "sell" rumors have gradually increased. In the two transfer window, Suning has introduced Hong just South Korean foreign aid and Columbia international Martinez, this let Samir in the team is not completely out of place, Suning followed at a very low price to Samir on loan to Hangzhou greentown. However, in the face of the old master Samir ready in Hangzhou, Suning has sent a letter to the Greentown club, asked Samir to avoid the game. Su Ning in this letter wrote: "according to my club and the club on loan to Croatia athletes Samir in July this year reached the transfer agreement, the athletes may not participate in the September 25th Hangzhou Lucheng and Jiangsu Suning super game, otherwise the player may occur for breach of contract risk". Su Ning Samir play into doubt but then Hangzhou Greentown also reply to the letter of the Su Ning, said it will strictly abide by the agreement of the lease agreement, until the termination of the agreement. As for Samir can play, the media reported that negotiations on loan terms, Suning has put forward the "escape clause", but Samir refused, so he will have the opportunity to play in the old game. But in the end, Suning and Greentown to avoid the terms of the agreement is not yet known, but once Samir can play, he will become a very important piece of the offense in the Hong Mingfu system. Suning two will help the team win Xie Pengfei Gu Chao will be against the old lord round of Super League defeat to Hong Kong, Greentown situation suddenly became desperate, the Greentown home court, but is a powerful rival suning. The game, a number of players in the face of the old lord, Samir has said it would fight for the game, to help Greentown get 3 points. After losing to the port, Greentown coach Hong Mingfu did not blame, but chose to encourage everyone to go all out, everyone’s performance is very good." This time, decompression is necessary. On Monday, Greentown resumed a simple training, a day off on Tuesday, began to focus on training on Wednesday. However, this day, Hong Mingfu.相关的主题文章: