Group exhibition hyperlinks in Moscow Museum of modern art rainlendar

Group exhibition "hyperlinks" day in Moscow before the Museum of modern art at Venue:Moscow Museum of Modern Art Exhibition title:H Y P E R C O N N E C T E D Date:June 30 – August 142016 Artists:Adriano Amaral, Hicham Berrada, Lupo Borgonovo, Cé cile B. Evans, Neringa Cerniauskaite, June Crespo, Diogo Evangelista, Guan Xiao, Rodrigo Hernandez, Patrick Hough, Sasha Litvintseva, Adrien Missika, Saskia Noor, van Imhoff, Yuri Pattison, Mariana Silva, Iza Tarasewicz, Ana Vaz & Tristan Bera, Zoe Williams group show "super connection" (H Y P E R C O N N E C T E D) was held in Moscow before the Museum of modern art. In the current period of accelerated motion, our mind and body movements, changes and adapt to the environment and the network we are in contact every day. As we go through the changes, we open the window, close the folder, browse the various reflective surfaces, and moderate boundaries redefine our identities for a long time. Therefore, the separation of arbitrary assumptions between nature and culture has been dissolved, and our natural environment has become a cultural environment. In view of all kinds of speculation gathered in object oriented philosophy emphasizes a world of rewriting — this question of human center, open alternative Ontology — anthropogene human re construct a geological force. This kind of thinking leads to the continuing crisis of modernism and defines the concept of human nature and nature as different entities. We recognize our natural and cultural heritage, and recognize that our eternal state is becoming a vehicle for other media. All things are connected, not only through enhanced communication with other scientific and cultural development of human beings, but also includes the performance of the whole universe as a whole. From the decomposition of the original stable world, there is a new possibility to express all kinds of hopes and fears. This exhibition focuses on the contemporary practice is how our current status as a moment of change — in this period, the association between the subject and the object or such as natural and cultural differences and replaced by more than. Beyond the doomsday scenario or utopian vision, Y Art Exhibition相关的主题文章: