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Guangsha 6 people double 20 points in the six games Fortson Beikong Guangsha 39+7 to take six consecutive [collection] Beikong 108-128 cut 48+10 Beikong air McCollam Guangsha Guangsha Tencent sports news November 20th 2016-17 defeated the CBA regular season in the ninth round contest today in full swing, Beikong in home court by 108-128 not enemy Guangsha, suffered a losing streak and Guangsha team; it has achieved six victories in a row. Technical statistics (click to view the full technical statistics of the game), Beikong in rebounds to 48-43 slightly ahead; in assists, Beikong to 8-17 significantly behind; free throws, Beikong team for the 35 penalty 27, Guangsha is 26 penalty 22. Personal data, Beikong team scored in double figures three, Mike Klum 48 points and 10 rebounds and 3 steals, Batista 18 points and 6 rebounds, Liu Dapeng 11 points; Guangsha team scored in double six, fordsons 39 points 7 assists and 5 steals, and 4 rebounds, Holman 23 points and 15 rebounds, Zhao Dapeng 15 points, Hu Jinqiu 11 points and 5 rebounds, Li Jinglong 11 3 three pointers, Lin Zhijie 10. After the focus of events in the history of the campaign, the two sides met 5 times in the face of Beikong Guangsha still without a win. Zhao Dapeng ushered in the starting for the first time this season, and Guangsha team for the new season so far, only a game unbeaten team. A replay of first opening Zhao Dapeng layup, Liu Dapeng fouls two free throws. Holman bowled before the penalty scored 4 points, Zhao Yanhao in rebounds when the left ankle injury. Mike Klum scored 4 points, the score came to both sides of the 6. Zhao Dapeng left the 45 degree angle soared in 3 minutes, Mike Klum immediately return 2+1. Hu Jinqiu middle distance jump shot there, Mike Klum chopped 4 points, Beikong realize counter ultra score on. Liu Zheng and Yang Jingmin are using the penalty for their respective team up points, Fortson scored 5 points, Guangsha 17-15 ahead score. Li Jinglong, the three – point line step shot, fordsons assists Hu Jinqiu under fast finish. Liu Dapeng beat 3+1, fordsons buzzer hit three points, the first section Guangsha leading to 28-23. The second section of the war, Wang Zheng fordsons assists to break the deadlock, Mike Klum penalty for breaking Beikong shortage. Hu Jinqiu has firmly hit three points, he hit the open science. Li Jinglong layup, then Beikong hit a wave of 10-0 climax, the score to 37-34. Guangsha suspended, fordsons chopped 5 points for Guangsha stability, then assists Li Jinglong soared in three minutes. Lin Zhijie over the basket then, hit a wave of 10-0 Guangsha beikong. Beikong after a pause, Holman bowled before the penalty scored 7 points, he scored 4 points for weighing Beikong solidity. Then the two sides turn up the score, the ability to use personal scoring fordsons. With Fortson buzzer three points not, Guangsha leading 60-51 to the end of the first half of the game. Easy side battles, strong inside play Holman chopped 4 points, Batista assists the basket to weigh what. The cover of Fortson soared in three minutes, Yang Jingmin jumper. Lin Zhijie three from a hand there, Batista also in a post. Fortson assists under the golden basket basket easy score, Mike Klum Leigh相关的主题文章: