Guangxi anti cult propaganda in the border village, Guangxi channel — cosmax

Guangxi anti cult propaganda in the border village, Guangxi channel — Nanning 14 October,   October 14th, Guangxi Frontier Corps long state border checkpoints, and further resident school enterprise border villages and other key population gathering places, carry out the "anti cult" series of promotional activities, build a strong cult without Trinidad border, maintenance the security and stability of the harmonious border area. This station officers and soldiers through the issuance of pamphlets, posters, entry to the visitors, school teachers and students, employees, and other objects border village of explaining cult type and nature of the characteristics and harmfulness of such knowledge, let the anti evil knowledge essence and guide them to All the world knows., known to every family, to recognize the cult, educate the masses consciously to resist cults, oppose the cult, away from the cult, establish the correct legal and religious beliefs, to further improve the initiative and enthusiasm of the masses of the border anti cult. It is reported that the station and a variety of promotional materials distributed more than 2 thousand copies to the school teachers and students held lectures on anti evil knowledge 1, to achieve the desired effect of publicity, by the broad masses of welcome and praise. (Pang Jiping, Wei Ning (agricultural) commissioning editor Chen Lulu and Pang Guanhua)相关的主题文章: