Guangxi publicly criticized the 15 EIA agencies and the EIA Engineer – 19 tda7294

Guangxi public criticism of 15 EIA institutions and 19 EIA Engineers – Guangxi Beijing publicly criticized the 15 EIA institutions and 19 EIA engineers on 14 October, Xinhua news agency, Nanning (reporter Xia Jun) reporter learned from Guangxi environmental protection department, the Department recently criticized 15 EIA institutions, and for the first time publicly criticized the 19 EIA the engineer did not truthfully reflect the situation in the process of preparing the EIA documents, and even resort to deceit problems. Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Office of the EIA department director Wei Jiehong introduced, at present, more than 100 homes in Guangxi EIA agencies to conduct business, but the quality problem of part of the EIA EIA documents prepared for the agency more prominent: some institutions according to the national standard is not well executed or not according to the actual situation; analysis of impact on the surrounding environment. Guangxi environmental protection department criticized 15 EIA agencies and rectification: Guangzhou wunfa Environmental Protection Engineering Co. Ltd. Nanning Xinyuan, Guangxi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Oriental Universal Environmental Technology Development Co. Ltd., Anhui province thinking Environment Engineering Co. Ltd., Nanjing kehon Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd., Qingdao Rui Jie environmental technology Services Limited, ring Polytron Technologies Inc, Nanjing Beijing Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. in Keshang environment Jiangsu jiulee Environmental Engineering Co Ltd, Huan Hongbo (Beijing) energy saving and environmental protection science and technology limited liability company, Hunan Runmei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Shenzhen City Ring New Environmental Protection Technology Co., Guangzhou City Environmental Protection Engineering Design Institute Co. Ltd., Hebei holy environmental Biological Technology Engineering Co. Ltd., Shenzhen Zong Xing environmental protection science and technology limited company. In addition, presided over the preparation of the EIA document quality is poor, Luo Lingdong, Yang Junxiu, Zhao Ruimei, Chen Changjiang, Liu Xi, Li Xiongming, Li Jiang, Zeng Fanzhi, Xu Dianmu, Jiang Min, Li Yan, Fan Hongbing, Feng Juanjuan, Li Yuzhou, Ning Conley, Zheng Zhangrong, Cheng Xinwei, Wu Sai, column Jane 19 EIA engineers is required rectification. Wei said that the EIA EIA Engineer was informed of the preparation of the document, Guangxi environmental protection departments at all levels will no longer accept and approval. The next stage, Guangxi will continue to manage the file revision of the EIA agencies, perfect appraisal system and credit evaluation system, strengthen the EIA agencies guidance and services, and strive to create a fair, impartial, open and transparent "EIA market environment and competitive environment.相关的主题文章: