Guardiola innocence! His football is not

Guardiola innocence! His football is boring Guardiola’s football boring? Sina sports news Guardiola football boring? Strictly speaking, this is not a question to be discussed, because it is a personal feeling of boredom, not to talk about the truth can persuade each other. Manchester United legend Schmeichel recently said: "Guardiola has made an exciting team (Bayern) boring. Before Bayern played very directly, they won three trophies, the player is very fast, very exciting game. Many coaches are the first to think of the goal, and Guardiola thought is to control the ball, and then scored in a certain period of time, he believes that the ball will bring goals." Schmeichel: Guardiola said Guardiola play football boring boring, Schmeichel was certainly not the first, the famous agent Raiola and he almost simultaneously made the same point of view, even football emperor Beckenbauer also held the same opinion. And I, a Guardiola type transmission control tactics of the fans, with Schmeichel’s words, every word, but even a punctuation is not recognized. With accurate and quick passing continuously mobilize the opponent’s defense, let the opponent only looked at the ball but how also can’t touch, each player runs through repeated exercises, tactical changes constantly, constantly formation change, fullback adduction, Defender premise, God 1-3-3-3 array, the ball instantly turned into 3-4-3. The location of each person are in constant change, everyone’s functions are repeatedly changed…… I can’t represent anyone, but personally, I don’t think it’s going to be a "boring" two word. The beauty of football will never be monopolized by what kind of genre, Italian efficient and organized defense is a kind of beauty, Mourinho accumulation of muscular strangulation is a kind of beauty, the high closing down of Simonyi is a kind of beauty, crazy Bielsa’s attack is also a kind of beauty. The melon Diaolazhi Barcelona but there is such a kind of beauty: the players are not so particular about the physical confrontation, they pass through accurate to Britain without a little tear opponents defense, circuity, waiting for an opportunity, like a song playing exquisite Orchestra, Schmeichel who at the same time also lets the innumerable be sleepy straws, fever believers see mesmerizing. This is Guardiola’s football. Bayern pass performance from Barcelona to Bayern, many people have created the impression of Guardiola: his team is in possession of the ball, due to the large strength gap, the opponent only to their own half of the defensive stance, leaning to the competition, and then come to the conclusion of "boring". This argument is so unfair, it makes the strong to take criticism, but the negative weak in the public opinion under the cover of the whole body and retreat. The football world is changing all the time. After leaving Guardiola, Martino and Enrique Vilanova, after the training, the Barcelona midfielder has been from the past into the front drive by MSN at the helm, play more direct and concise, Guardiola I also continues to try, he passed between the players, the position change of the mobile system to reform the way, optimization)相关的主题文章: