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Guizhou elements of the world Internet Conference – Sohu technology unveiled the world Internet Conference, from Guizhou to help the heat of the truck is not concerned about. Photo by Zou Chenying in the early winter in the southern Chinese ink beauty, the world of the Internet industry ushered in the "Wuzhen time once a year". In addition to the host of Zhejiang, in the feast of the world, Guizhou enterprises, Guizhou exploration, Guizhou friends, in the water of the Internet world in the reflection of the ripples in the. Grand future opportunities: Guizhou enterprises on behalf of the case in November 16th, a little bit closer to the 10:30 hour opening ceremony, huge electronic screen scrolling playing videos. A video triggered the attention of the guests, countless cameras, mobile phones, high, quiet room where the shutter sound. That is a few days ago CCTV news headlines, settled in Guizhou, the road logistics information platform, truck Gang is one of the protagonists. Thus, Guizhou enterprises in this opening ceremony, the brush screen". The report says, as the largest platform China highway logistics informationization and truck integrated service platform, help to change the domestic truck freight vehicles, the large number of the present empty freight information exchange efficiency, provide the most direct communication platform for the owner and the owner, effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of China highway logistics. In fact, in addition to the scraper, is "the Internet help truck light shining. The light of the Internet Expo, is a good opportunity for the major Internet companies, a total of 310 Internet companies from home and abroad exhibitors, truck drivers will not miss this good opportunity. The development of Internet companies, depending on the user’s activity. November 16th, after the truck to help release the vehicle service record: truck to help ETC business in just three months, to achieve the national card over 520 thousand, the daily recharge amount exceeded $30 million, the monthly recharge amount exceeded $900 million. Single ETC this business, truck help has become China’s largest truck ETC issuers. According to statistics, the truck to help with 2 million 300 thousand long-distance truck members, members of the logistics company, more than 10000, the daily release of more than 5 million sources of information, the country set up outlets under the cable up to 1000. 2015, truck to help China save fuel 50 billion yuan, reducing carbon emissions by 27 million tons. The prospect of Internet companies, depending on the richness of the product. The future will continue to focus on people, for freight vehicles and goods of the three elements, the development of new car sales Truck anchored, second-hand car trading, auto parts, truck and truck financial insurance trillion market, together with partners, sharing platform for trucks huge resources, ecological reconstruction of China highway logistics, promote industrial upgrading, infrastructure China highway logistics. Common network governance: Guizhou explore the pilot in November 15th, "the internet light Expo booth 111, national data (Guizhou) comprehensive experimental zone display area, staged a big data and big data on trade legislation brainstorming. "I am looking for you to learn." Voice from the Zhejiang data center staff. 9)相关的主题文章: