Hainan Sanya to Kampuchea Siem Reap first route

from Hainan United Airlines Service Company in Hainan Airlines opened Sanya to Kampuchea route to Siem Reap official voyage. The opening of the route for the two tourists travel brings a more diversified choice, while promoting the tourism and economic and trade exchanges between the two places.

it is understood that the Sanya – Siem Reap Route 1 round-trip every Wednesday. Go to Sanya – Siem Reap flight HU457, Beijing time 20:45 take off from Sanya Phoenix Airport, arrived in Siem Reap at 21:20 local time; return Siem Reap – Sanya flight HU458, at 23:45 local time from the Siem Reap airport, Beijing time 2:25 (+1 days) arrived at Sanya Phoenix airport.

this is the Hainan Provincial Tourism Commission, the Sanya Tourism Commission and the promotion of civil aviation sector, Hainan United Airlines Service Co., Ltd. opened Twelfth International Direct flights.

The general manager of

Hainan United Aviation Services Ltd. Xia Guofeng introduced since 2016, the company has opened in Hainan to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Kampuchea and other countries and regions of the 7 international routes, to actively respond to the government of Hainan province will build Hainan Island into the strategy of "international tourism island", and provide more outbound tourism products for tourists.

Xia Guofeng said that after the opening of the international routes, the relevant tourism companies to actively promote overseas markets, improve the visibility of Hainan in Southeast Asia, led a large number of foreign tourists to Hainan tourism. According to incomplete statistics, in 2016, Hainan United Airlines subordinate travel agency inbound tourists more than 20 thousand passengers.

Kampuchea is one of the countries where Chinese citizens can enjoy the landing visa policy, and has always had good diplomatic relations with china. One of the seven wonders of the world Angkor Wat is located in Siem Reap Province, the local has become an important tourism destination in Kampuchea.

at present, Hainan has opened in Haikou, Sanya to Phnom Penh, Siem Reap 4 routes, and promote the tourism economic and trade exchanges.

in addition, the CPC Hainan provincial Party Secretary Luo Baoming’s visit to Cambodia in July 2016 when Prime Minister Hong Sen and Kampuchea launched the "Hainan consensus Chinese Kampuchea bright line, will travel to Siem Reap to implement the third action in mid January this year. Hainan will send a medical team to the local poor cataract patients for cataract surgery: