Hangzhou, a 22 year old girl has not come to the big aunt organs and children lata-01

Hangzhou, a 22 year old girl has not come aunt organs and child loading… 22 year old Anhui girl Xiao Han as a sales clerk in a shopping mall in Hangzhou, if not the physical examination unit provides early, she can not think how weekdays looks healthy himself has a problem, and she is arch-criminal born a little X chromosome, has uterine and ovarian development such as the two or three year old girl, and later also not with normal female fertility. It started from the beginning of March this year, in small culvert units to provide medical examination, chest X-ray showed that her heart enlargement, the problem can be big or small, the doctor advised her to do a heart ultrasound examination, it was found that a lot of pericardial effusion. He was admitted to the Department of Cardiology in Hangzhou City Red Cross hospital. The doctor said, in general, pericardial effusion patients have obvious symptoms of shortness of breath, but Xiaohan said he did not what special feeling, only in the long time walking or climbing the stairs may feel a bit tired. In any case, the hospital after the doctor for her to do a pericardial drainage, the results of the discharge of 800ml effusion. She’s got a lot of fun. However, small culvert problem is not so simple, the blood test results showed that she was a doctor and hypothyroidism, but also understand that she didn’t have recently come to aunt, so consider is the primary hypothyroidism caused by pericardial effusion and amenorrhea, then please Department of Endocrinology expert consultation. Just last year when the hospital department of Endocrinology admissions had a similar patient, the patient and the pituitary lesions, so the doctor advised Xiaohan to do a pituitary magnetic resonance, it showed obvious enlargement (normal pituitary height of not more than 8mm, her 16mm). Then after a series of examinations, that is the enlargement of the pituitary gland pituitary hyperplasia caused by hypothyroidism, not primary pituitary tumor. Since we have found the hypothyroidism this "root cause", small culvert will be transferred to the Department of endocrinology to continue treatment. In constant contact, Department of Endocrinology doctor and she found other abnormalities, for example, the little finger of both hands is short, the right ring finger is shorter and shorter in stature (153cm), without hair, for instance, she was suffering from chronic otitis media has been 8 years, this series of abnormal points to a problem: her normal chromosome? So, Xiao Han went to the cell chromosome examination. I remember when I went to school biology teacher said, most people have 46 chromosomes, of which the 44 is an autosomal, the remaining 2 are sex chromosomes, the boy is X and Y, the daughter is X and X. The small culvert check out only 45 chromosomes, missing a X chromosome. It is precisely because of the lack of X chromosomes, without her breast development, who have no hair, uterus and ovary under ultrasound showed the size of two or three year old girl in general. In fact, she did not say before aunt, not recently did not come, but has not been a 22 year old. It is also because of the abnormal chromosome brought her a fault. The Red Cross Hospital in the Department of Endocrinology doctor Hu Yongbin told reporters: "this kind of disease with small Han called Turner syndrome, the prevalence rate was 12400, 7% in the aborted fetus because of the disease, and the disease of the fetus 99% abortion, only 1%.相关的主题文章: