Hangzhou to have a big move in the next 5 years, such a commercial adjustment-adobe gamma

Hangzhou should have a big move in the future 5 years of commercial facilities such adjustment of Qianjiang – Qianjiang Century City Commercial Center canal lake with high-end business over the next few years, Hangzhou business will have big action recently, "released" 13th Five-Year Hangzhou city business development "plan", "13th Five-Year" period, Hangzhou will be built Qianjiang – Qianjiang century the city, the canal lake with high-end business (canal – Lake Wu Shan – Martial Arts) and other 2 municipal business center, Xiasha Jiangnan 6, cultivate the Deputy municipal business center. In addition, Binjiang, Fuyang, focus on enhancing the west, Ling’an, Tonglu, Jiande, Chunan and other seven regional commercial center. Built 2 municipal business center canal Lake high-end business zone, to Wulin Square as the core, to Yanan road as the axis, extending southward to the lake, Wu Shan, Wu mountain, lake, integration and development of martial arts three District, north of radiation and extends to the canal business zone. This business with the biased temperament and cultural characteristics and landscape value, encourage the development of cultural and creative industry, fashion experience formats of tourism experience, e-commerce class format, format, format, all kinds of convenient financial services industry; excessive competition, regulate the development of the traditional retail formats, low. The canal Lake high-end business zone, Qianjiang – Qianjiang century city commercial center is more like a "newborn". Hangzhou plans for the carrier to Qianjiang – Qianjiang century city construction, taking advantage of the G20 summit and the Asian Games, relying on the Metro Line 1, line 2 and line 4 and Qingchun river tunnel traffic, with the administrative, business, commercial, financial, style as the leading function, build a open and fashion the internationalization of emerging commercial center, encourage financial service, trade, scientific research services, exhibition services, sports leisure, cultural and tourism industry, small and medium-sized supermarkets, farmers markets and other life supporting formats; regulate the development of large commodity markets, wholesale markets, supermarkets, low level of traditional commercial activities etc.. Foster 6 Deputy municipal business center, focus on the cultivation of Jiangnan, Linping, Xiasha Jiangdong, north of the city, the future science and technology city 6 municipal business center, and according to the different regional characteristics of industrial development. For example, Xiasha Center, planning the construction characteristics of the commercial complex, rookie Inn, trade logistics center, an important regional commodity reserve facilities, automobile trade service center, circulation energy-saving facilities, large domestic service network center, regional pension service center. Deputy center of the south, more emphasis on the construction of financial services, intermediary services, agricultural products distribution center, the wholesale market of agricultural products, rural commodity distribution center, renewable resources, such as recycling base. Linping sub center, to build an important commodity reserves of important commodities facilities, public information service platform, an important commercial enterprises public service platform, city joint distribution of integrated information service platform, an important commodity circulation traceability facilities. The Jiangdong sub center, planning refers to the construction characteristics of the commercial complex, financial services, exhibition center, professional training, intermediary services, an important commodity public information service platform, automobile trade service center, scrap car recycling and dismantling Center and regional scrap car crushing center will also be settled here. North of the city center, Liangzhu town in Hangzhou in the plan.相关的主题文章: