Happy! Domineering! 2017, the doctor at the first blow in self-defense!


2017, a doctor in self-defense, hit the first punch!

this one, played really aggressive,

hit the backlog in the chest for a long time the doctor’s anger!

mentioned in Wenling, you may think the first time in Wenling in 2013 and the Wenling kill medical records, a male doctor, a medical staff will punch knocked to the ground!

medical security in the presence of actually still in trouble, too rampant! In the face of medical trouble this rampant, only doctors themselves face! Security may not guarantee peace!

why did the doctor have to do it?

Taizhou Hospital of Bone Fracture official statement


The spread of the

network during the night and Taizhou Hospital of Bone Fracture emergency doctor tussle "incident, the investigation as follows:

at around 2 a.m. on January 10, 2017, our hospital received a car accident was sent to the emergency room of our hospital by the ambulance to the patient of 120. The doctor then emergency admissions, and arrange workers with carts escorting patients screenings. Through the image examination, preliminary judgment for patients with soft tissue contusion of the waist, the patient is advised to stay in hospital observation or home to rest, was rejected. Then due to the emergency room patients waiting for more, and there was a head injury patient need debridement, the other 4 patients after diagnosis, the doctor for the patient again explain the illness, and suggested that the hospital or rest home. The patient did not accept, quickly got up from the cart, cursing the doctor, and then walk away from the emergency room. About 1 minutes later, the patient rushed into the emergency room, an altercation with the doctor, and the doctor of physical altercations, pushing down, took off his clothes and rushed to the doctor after the patient got up again, both physical altercations, security personnel were to stop.

then, East Street police station rushed to the scene disposal, and understanding of the situation. On the afternoon of January 10th, the parties in the police station for mediation, the doctor when facing the patient apology and appropriate compensation.

in the future, our hospital will further strengthen the internal management of the hospital. Thank you for your concern and support from all walks of life, and please continue to monitor the work of our hospital.

Taizhou Hospital of Bone Fracture

2017 January 11th

2017, the doctor self defense,

this one, played really aggressive, praise!