Have you ever seen a semi mechanical dragonfly Can also use solar power (video)

engineers use genetic techniques to modify the nervous system of insects so that they can respond to light pulses. Once the genetic stimulus begins to function, the operator can control the insects.

(Sky City) scientists have developed genetically modified semi mechanical dragonfly, which can be used to monitor people.

the dragonfly’s nickname is "DragonflEye", which is half of the insect, half of the machine, carrying a fingernail sized backpack, driven by solar energy, remotely controlled by the operator.


German bionic mechanical dragonfly, very realistic      


we can use dragonflies to pollinate, and we can also perform emergency tasks.

(Draper Labs) drapper laboratory and Howard · Hughes Medical Research Institute (Howard Hughes Medical Institute DragonflEye) cooperation project, drapper lab senior biomedical engineer Jesse · Wheeler (Jesse Wheeler) said in an interview, the dragonfly can also carry things.

DragonflEye is a micro control insect, it uses the micro navigation, synthetic biology, neural technology. In order to control the dragonfly, drapper Laboratory Engineer nervous system of insects using gene technology to be modified so that it can respond to the light pulse. Once the genetic stimulus begins to function, the operator can control the insect, let it carry supplies, or monitor the human, and even can become a pollinator.

in the process of developing dragonflies, the researchers used a number of new technologies.

first, the researchers put all the electronic components are loaded into the backpack, that is, small insects (such as bees, dragonflies, not the big beetle) can wear a backpack flight. Backpack size is very small, electronic components can be powered by solar energy to reduce dependence on the battery. The researchers implanted a navigation system for insects, and once they were out of control, we could use the navigation system.

second, the researchers did not use electrodes to stimulate the insect muscle, which according to the request, drapper engineers used more sophisticated technology, they use "light" to generate optical pulses, remote control special "control" neurons. This kind of control neuron is like a bridge, which connects the sensor and the muscle of the dragonfly.