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Hawick Lau Wang Ou’s agent exposure details along with Hawick Lau, Wang Ou was hit in the face (map) Sina entertainment news recently, Hawick Lau [micro-blog] and Wang Ou was exposed two studio for a time in the "room" crew record of the jungle night secret meeting video, Hawick Lau Wang Ou, suspected derailed news detonated entertainment. Yesterday, Wang Ou agent in the circle of friends to send long era can’t protect Wang Ou, "there is no clear rumors of actor and actress in a room alone". To clarify a long article, Wang Ou’s agent on the afternoon of November 16th, all star published "on the Hawick Lau Wang Ou Hotel tryst reported that" make a detailed description of the event. In the all star on the release of the text, a detailed description of the timing and specific conditions of Hawick Lau and Wang Ou at the time of this 8 day of October 12th to 19, two people. At the same time, the statement stressed that the above content, we have a detailed video card, no false visible before the eyes." The following is the text of the statement: the day before, the popular studio shooting, all star exploration reported that Hawick Lau and Wang Ou in the "record of the jungle" crew hotel room tryst several times after the news, Hawick Lau and Wang Ou were denied. 15, agent Wang Ou published a long micro-blog once again responded, "said because of weather and shooting script, several starring will almost every day after work together to communicate and screenwriter second days of filming the content does not exist rumors of actor and actress in a room alone situation," and said the news as "a basin of dirty water". Because of the news through the multi day continuous reports, all kinds of rumors since four, for the convenience of the media and netizens to sort out the story, I decided to discern the truth, officially announced the real time node and the specific situation of two Hawick Lau and Wang Ou reported from October 12th to October 19th 8 days on October 12, 2016: [] all day in the birthday party after the filming set about 20:30, Wang Ou and Hawick Lau have returned to the hotel; at midnight, a group of people together to sing the birthday song to celebrate the birthday of Hawick Lau in the room; 1 a.m., Wang Ou returned to his room to rest alone. October 13, 2016 [Live] about 9 points, Wang Ou out of the hotel to the crew makeup, set away from the hotel about 15 minutes; about 11:30, Wang Ou dressed up and began filming; about 12:50, 13:20, the crew put rice; after lunch and take photo with Hawick Lau to celebrate the birthday of Wang Ou, standing beside Hawick Lau; about 13:30, Hawick Lau in the "no signal" of the Karamay studio to start broadcasting; around 20, tired of the day Hawick Lau went back to the hotel, holding a large bouquet of flowers back to the rest room. October 14, 2016: [drink] dinner in Karamay the same day scraping 8 winds, starring off filming. 15 or so, often accompanied by Wang Ou and Hawick Lau, the assistant out of a large number of snacks, vegetables, fruits, back to the hotel; around 20, from the room to get a bottle of wine from the, and so on, at the beginning of the two相关的主题文章: