Haze days, choose what exercise to fitness

(frog and haze), haze is a combination of fog and haze. Since its birth in 2013, we have not been concerned about it. Recently, more and more domestic haze Lock City, to bring great impact and inconvenience to daily life, the most important thing is to travel and health. The health effects on the respiratory system, it is a kind of injury, caused by a variety of respiratory diseases, and may even damage our brains become depression, dementia, may cause a variety of tumors, of course, it will promote the occurrence of coronary heart disease and stroke.

when the red and orange warning signs of the PM2.5 ring, we’ll talk about when the weather gets better, and so on Escape from Beijing? Of course, will also discuss the culprit haze, car exhaust? Coal for heating in winter? Industrial pollution? London and the United States and Losangeles will also be used to deal with haze governance experience, in any case, PM2.5 has become an important issue in life have to face! A period of time, we have to live in such an environment, we should protect themselves daily, indoor air purifier installed and ventilation system, and to reduce the time for outdoor activities, at the same time to wear standard masks, clothing Qingfei Health-Enhancing Herbal Tea exercise, but for friends to do or exercise care of friends? Risk factors for stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, high blood lipids, and lack of exercise. haze days, choose what exercise to fitness?

do not masked fitness man

some friends think haze days should strengthen training, improve physical fitness against PM2.5. "Fitness plan once started, is imminent, once the slack will not only work not completed enough, muscle stimulation, body fat also quietly increased, and to develop psychological inertia will eliminate your morale." Although the fight against PM2.5 yes, we can understand, people who love sports, have a brave heart, haze again, moving die. Perhaps in your opinion, an effective filtration of fine particles can block the PM2.5 mask, wearing it to go jogging on the Everything will be fine. But we should also know when to exercise, oxygen demand in the body will gradually increase, anti haze masks will let you breath, affect the normal performance in the movement of your muscles and joints; because of shortness of breath, the hemoglobin in blood oxygen carrying capacity will be reduced, while the concentration of lactic acid in blood in the rapid increase; due to decrease of oxygen uptake, can cause organ hypoxia within the body, causing serious health risks.

haze continued to play, has become a kind of indoor sports movement and people are more and more popular.

what kind of exercise is more suitable in the room? Indoor sports;