Haze formation is only the weather The Yellow Emperor say so…

The theory of

five movement is a science which studies the change of celestial bodies and the laws of climate, phenology, human body disease and disease prevention and cure under the guidance of the theory of "man and nature".

"Neijing" understanding of haze

five and six year old capacity doctrine that reflect the differences in climate between years; the main transport main climate change our normal five seasons of the year; passenger is a reflection of climate anomalies in the five seasons of the year. The weather is variation of three yin and Yang Ming, wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire and gas in six different climate change; and the main gas charge a year normal climate change, the characteristics of climate change reflect the solar term in different periods; reflect the abnormal climate changes of a kind of solar term in each year.

"Neijing" luck theory has a large number of weather "fog" or "haze" description. According to the "inside" luck theory, analysis of the fog and haze may occur in the year and season.

"Q · gas alternating great" cloud: "the water is too old…… The heavy rain to Egypt, fog Meng Yu, be Zhen xing…… Old fire…… Complex is Yu Yu, heavy rain and to, black gas is a disgrace…… Late spring wood, Ming Chang of law, is a misty autumn cool Zheng, spring tragedy thief and residual wins, is the summer heat of the burnt Shuo complex…… The fire in time, the summer Youbing Mingguang significant winter frost, is a serious political tragedy, summer cold coagulation of victory, is a complex of rain from time to time out…… Soil less, there are Aiyun smooth four-dimensional, then spring mingtiao drum demolition of the government, the four-dimensional vibrating pull floating variable is Teng autumn chill, Lin Yin complex…… The water is less than a run of the four-dimensional turbulent Aiyun, then from time to time and the wind-driven, a faint note of the four-dimensional hair, then pull the complex vibration from time to time."

shown above, the water is too old, "to a heavy rain, fog Meng Yu", may have a haze. The age of fire late years, if our sun in Skyfire spring for the cold water, if the water fire is too complex, "he Yu, gas and gas to heavy rain, black is the shame", is the haze of luck condition. Old wood is less than the year in the fall, "fog cool politics"; at the age of fire than year, summer "from time to time. When heavy rain complex"; old soil is less than the year, there are four "Aiyun moistening"; water is less than the old year, the seasons have a faint note ". Change", but also the occurrence of haze luck conditions.

"Q · Wuchang Zheng great" also has detailed records: "the Commission and the Ji, old wood as the main fog chilly Cang, a lie is coagulation? Rain Lin Yin; Fu Dun Ji, the age of soil too, smoke. Meng Yu, in the thick soil; Jian-Chen the old Kim Ji, too, the fog spread; Ji Xiao?, water is too old, too, politics;