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He will hide into the cave to hide the Sun Zhongshan coffin guard yiguanzhong warlords 36 years – Sohu news November 12, 2016, Mr. Sun Zhongshan is the 150 anniversary of the birth of the day. In Beijing Xiangshan Biyun Si, a Mr. Sun Zhongshan yiguanzhong, there was Mr. Sun Zhongshan in 1925 after the death of local ting. In 1929, Mr. Sun Zhongshan was buried in Nanjing, Xiangshan Biyun Si became yiguanzhong. Mr. Sun Zhongshan died, the Manchurian warlord Zhang Zuolin because of the war with KMT failed again and again, bianyu smashed Sun Zhongshan coffin parked in the temple of azure clouds. Fortunately, a person struggling to protect, and then the coffin will be hidden in the cave to escape. This person is Sun Zhongshan’s personal bodyguard long Tan Huiquan. The coffin was transferred to Nanjing, Tan Huiquan led the family to live in Biyun temple near. Soon after the outbreak of war, the national government has stopped issuing money behind personnel, other people have gone, Tan Huiquan and his family left, always guarding yiguanzhong, the poorest days of food. During the Anti Japanese War, the Japanese Chief Okamura Neji had come to the temple of Azure Clouds, Tan Hui full of shining bayonets did not step back. This is all good, yiguanzhong without guard down, Tan Huiquan kept for 36 years until his death. He asked him from the recently buried Biyun Si Wan an cemetery. In this way, he can continue to protect Mr. sun. In November 8th, the reporter went to the deep reading of Tan Huiquan’s son Tan Zhiquan, the KMT Central Committee to the 78 year old retired cadres told father Tan Huiquan and Mr. Sun Zhongshan met with the story of communication. Mr. Tan Zhiquan’s bodyguard Tan Huiquan had met Sun Zhongshan’s father Tan Huiquan escape escort mentioned with Mr. Sun Zhongshan and interaction. Tan Zhiquan said, Sun Zhongshan is 9 years older than his father, Mr. Zhongshan was practicing in Guangzhou, met his father. "Father’s ancestral home in Shunde, he was following the parents of martial arts, martial arts is so high, but is very low-key, sincere. Mr Zhongshan, who may have looked at his father’s character, soon became the first member of the league and became his personal bodyguard." Tan Zhiquan said. According to historical records, June 15, 1922 night, Chen Jiongming suddenly betrayed the revolution, its army began to encircle on the presidential palace in Guangzhou and Sun Zhongshan living buildings where the Kuanyinshan yue. The situation is extremely critical. 16, two in the morning, Lin, Lin Shuwei, Secretary of the army Zhimian spy captain Lu Zhiyun three people came to Sun Zhongshan and asked him to leave. Finally, in the persuasion, Sun Zhongshan changed, disguised as a Chinese breakout success, to command the insurgency. Tan Zhiquan said, his father Tan Huiquan was Sun Zhongshan’s bodyguard, martial arts is very good, once in the guard Professor martial arts; and he is a native of Guangdong, will speak the vernacular, older, she was very thin, like in appearance and not easy to cause the enemy’s suspicions, so he also braved a hail of bullets, in the whole escort Sun Zhongshan escape, the safe transfer to a ship. "My father’s name is not a long history, because the history of forest Zhimian was three officers, and my father)相关的主题文章: