[health tips] three insufficient reminder old

who do not want to retain youth, who do not want to delay aging. To prolong life, first we need to know the causes of senile, to aim to prevent. Traditional Chinese medicine for the understanding of aging embodied in the following three points.

gas deficiency

Chinese medicine, fine, gas, God, Sambo is human. Human body, organs and orifices, blood and body fluid, etc., must be in the gas drive to maintain the normal physiological function. The quick pace of modern life, psychological pressure, stay and other bad habits may lead to healthy qi deficiency, decreased immune function. The body involved, natural face years of wind and frost.

gas as the commander of blood, in order to promote the operation of the blood gas foot; Qi deficiency, anemia and other issues on women. Qi deficiency can also affect the function of the spleen and stomach, it is in a state of sub-health. Deficiency of Qi and blood is the main cause of female aging. The women, pregnancy, milk and other physiological activities have a large consumption of blood, if you do not pay attention to timely recuperation, coupled with some human nature is weak, it will show the typical symptoms of dizziness and tinnitus, complexion dark and cloudy white, dry hair bifurcate, the palm side heat, sweat or cold hands, teeth, menstruation is not good less blood deficiency.


part can prescribed Fej, but it is best to recommend appropriate diet nursed back to health, eat more liver, egg yolk, milk, lean meat, fish, shellfish, soy products, sugar etc.. We recommend a black rice porridge: Black Beauty blood wash add water and cook until eight mature, then add red dates, longan, yam and the amount, continue to boil into a thick porridge, with brown sugar seasoning.

kidney yin deficiency

"people over forty, have since half", women entering menopause, the most prone to Yindeficiency performance. Most of the yin deficiency constitution body slim, easy to get angry, bad temper, love angry, insomnia, backache, knee joint with no effort. The deficiency of the body thermal image is more obvious, but this is not Yang angry, but not for Yin Fire, so do not blindly to heat, nourishing yin and moistening dryness, pay attention, should eat pears, sugar cane and bamboo, lotus root, celery, Gorgon, arrowhead, water chestnuts, etc. fresh and delicious and nourishing yin Vegetable & Fruit.


can take Chinese medicine under the guidance of a doctor, such as the Six Ingredient Rehmannia Pill can improve nourishing kidney yin, soreness of waist and knee, tinnitus, forgetfulness and other symptoms; have dizziness symptoms, suggest the use of Qijudihuang pills; if anger is relatively large, can use zhibaidihuangwan. Others such as QingGuangAn, could also raise the lung and stomach yin. You can use aspartame, Ophiopogon japonicus, medlar, Ligustrum, Eclipta alba, Radix Scrophulariae usually;