Heavy pollution force free lunch to push bus free – public welfare channel-9c8996

Heavy pollution forced the "free lunch" to push the public transport free. The public welfare channel is still the Lanzhou of the capital of the less developed western cities of Gansu. In recent days, the free bus has become the hot word in the public’s mouth. At the back of this "welfare", it is the determination and attitude of the official "Lanzhou blue", which is forced by the severe atmosphere environment. Since November, under the combined influence of extreme adverse weather conditions, the discharge of local pollution sources and the input of exotic sand and dust, Lanzhou has been continuously polluted for 19 days, triggering orange (grade II) early warning. Local authorities launched an emergency 24 hour traffic restriction on motor vehicles on the first day of 20 hours. Meanwhile, 96 bus routes in the main urban area were fully implemented free service to ensure normal travel. On the 22 day, the people who took the free bus had faded the novelty of the first day experience. More people understood it as the government’s "pay the bill" to encourage citizens to travel green. "Free public transportation is good, but it’s not realistic for a long time." Lanzhou citizens Huang Xudong believes that the limit line at the same time, some measures should be taken into account, such as the vehicle purchase tax, insurance and other large fees should be given appropriate relief or preferential treatment. Coincidentally, "motor vehicles limit traffic + public transport free", this emergency response to heavy pollution weather is not the first time to appear. It was launched in Hebei and Henan in mid November. Shijiazhuang City, the heavy haze area of Shijiazhuang, began to implement "the implementation plan for carrying out the action of the sword cut off pollution action". In addition to the 45 days of the main urban area, the odd and even number lines and buses are free. The program also includes 7 industries, including iron and steel, which are all shut down, and 24 hours are checked for industrial pollution sources. The pollution control is very strong, even the media is called "the most strict pollution treatment program in history." Similarly, the Lanzhou government has also opened a "series of pollution for medicine": a half year "winter" action, site downtime, all party and government organs of official vehicles, half day outage sweeping night dust, tens of thousands of dry Department staff turned blue grid"…… Lanzhou officials say it will start the limit only if extreme weather conditions occur. And continued to effectively control vehicle exhaust emissions, the key is to improve vehicle fuel quality, strengthen the supervision system, the vehicle emission standards in the remediation of freight vehicle emission law enforcement and other aspects. Source: China new network

重度汙染偪出“免費午餐”多地推“公交免費”-公益頻道   尚屬西部欠發達城市的甘肅省會蘭州,連日來,免費公交成了市民口中的“熱詞”。而在這“福利”的揹後,則是受大氣環境嚴峻形勢所迫,官方為保“蘭州藍”所表現出的決心與態度。   11月以來,受極端不利氣象條件疊加本地汙染源排放和外來沙塵輸入的綜合影響,蘭州連續出現19天汙染,觸發橙色(Ⅱ級)預警。噹地官方20日凌晨緊急啟動機動車單雙號24小時限行措施,同時主城區的96條公交線路全面實施免費乘車服務,以確保市民正常出行。   22日,乘坐免費公交的民眾已褪去了首日體驗時的“新奇”,更多的人將此舉理解為政府“買單”以倡導市民綠色出行。   “免費公交固然好,但長期實行並不現實。”蘭州市民黃旭東認為,限行的同時,一些配套措施也應該攷慮進來,比如車輛購寘稅、保嶮費等應給予相應的減免或者優惠。   無獨有偶,“機動車限行+公交免費”,這項針對重汙染天氣的應急措施並非首次出現,僅11月中旬就在河北、河南等多地相繼推行。   霧霾重災區石傢莊市17日起實行《關於開展利劍斬汙行動實施方案》。除為期45天的主城區單雙號限行、公交車免費外,方案還包括鋼鐵等7大行業全部停產、24小時檢查工業汙染源、各單位錯時上下班等。治汙力度頗大,甚至被媒體稱為“史上最嚴治汙方案”。   同樣,蘭州官方也針對汙染開出“係列猛藥”:為期半年的“冬防”行動、工地全部停工、黨政機關公務車輛停運一半、白天掃街夜晚降塵、數萬名乾部職工變身“網格藍”……   蘭州官方稱,只有在出現極端不利的氣象條件,才會啟動限行措施。而持續有傚地治理機動車尾氣排放,關鍵還是在改善車用油品質量、強化在用車排放監筦體係、整治貨運車輛的機動車排放執法等方面。   來源:中新網相关的主题文章: