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Hebei Huanghua 100 unearthed the Warring States tombs burial urn found in Hebei national rare adult burial urn in the Warring States period there are six rare groups at two meters from the ground scene of Xinhua News Agency Shijiazhuang October 7th news (reporter Wang Min) Hebei city of Huanghua province in May this year for the first time in the vicinity of Fudi urn burial sites found, after several months of continuous excavation, at present have been found more than 110 urn burial tombs, and the scale is very rare in china. The archaeological site in large and small grave, grave in the urn, burial pottery basin, 2 or 3 are buckled together become a coffin. From the Hebei Provincial Institute of cultural relics, Huanghua Museum archaeologists excavated 107 adult children burial urn, urn burial block 6. Huanghua City Museum curator Zhang Baogang said, "due to the 2000 years of River Mining and destruction of natural environment, we found just the whole part of the urn burial sites. According to the scene, in the excavation point 150 meters south are within the scope of relics found that adult urn burial zone would be larger than many current." According to archaeologists preliminary statistics, has excavated 113 urn burial, as many as 20 kinds of shapes, and identified as the Warring States period artifacts, 6 of which by the Frontier Archaeology Research Center of Jilin University identified as adults and a burial urn, burial. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Archaeological Research Institute deputy director Bai Yunxiang said that the excavation of the cemetery urn burial types, intensive distribution, in the clear, the size of the same type in the country in large tombs, which plays an important role in the study of more than 2000 years ago, the city of funeral customs. Fudi site is located in the northwest of Huanghua City, in the historical records and related research, much as war military defense city of Han dynasty. Local history scholars believe that the burial urn is actually part of the cemetery of Fudi, large-scale children’s tomb found reflects the city’s prosperity, but also the ancient city is a purely military city question.相关的主题文章: