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This year, Hebei occurred 4 large dangerous chemical accident deaths accounted for 50%- in September 8, 2016 at about 11, Hebei Province, Shijiazhuang City, Jinzhou City, east town of an illegal chemical production dens explosion, a preliminary analysis of the reasons caused field stacking picric acid for welding operations, and exploded, causing the surrounding warehouse the accumulation of picric acid and sodium PICRAMATE two explosions, killing 5 foreign welders and the death of 1 workers, 1 workers lost. Since this year, Hebei province has 4 major accidents involving hazardous chemicals, the other 3 accidents are: February, West Handan City Industrial Park, Daming County Futai Biotechnology Co. Ltd. poisoning accident occurred, resulting in 3 deaths, 3 people were injured. The direct cause of the accident is generated in the stages of sulfide wastewater discharge to waste water, and the generation of hydrogen sulfide gas waste acid from the reaction tank through the exhaust duct from coming back to the workshop and filtering groove 1 officers, resulting in its work near poisoning; other personnel did not take any protective measures in the case of the blind rescue, lead to the consequences of the accident expand. The company also has no formal design, the construction of its own production facilities, the failure to perform hazardous chemical construction projects three simultaneous procedures and other issues. April 26, Chengde City, Lee Yi Hai flavors and Fragrances Co., Ltd. fire accident occurred, killing 4 people were killed and 3 seriously injured. The direct cause of the accident is due to operation of the hydrolysis reaction kettle during heating up too fast, resulting in pressure vessel, the flange cover and the kettle body hydrolysis tank connected to the lower tear, flammable and explosive gases containing methanol and other materials out of deflagration and cause fire. February, Sinopec Shijiazhuang refinery branch fire accident occurred, killing 4 people. The direct cause of the accident was: workers welding process at the top of the chimney anticorrosion, causing PP demister filler welding welding slag falling after ignition, high temperature flue gas along the chimney, workers due to high temperature and poisoning suffocation. Hebei province this year, involving a larger number of hazardous chemicals and deaths accounted for 40% of the country’s total and 50%. The accident exposed some enterprise production safety foundation is weak, ignoring the safety laws and regulations, the illegal organization fails to perform the administrative licensing procedures under the situation of production safety responsibility is not implemented, the safety management is not in place and other issues. The State Administration of work safety requirements: (a) a profound understanding of the importance of curb larger than the accident and urgency working, closely around the actual, strengthen security risk awareness, focus on the construction of risk investigation and risk management of the dual preventive work mechanism. (two) by increasing the intensity of law enforcement supervision and inspection, increase illegal punishment, the full implementation of the main responsibility of enterprises, and constantly improve the level of enterprise safety management. (three) crack down on illegal chemical production. We should establish and perfect the public reward system, strengthen the illegal production problems in the handling of warning. To organize forces to focus on the inspection of idle factories, courtyards, rental housing, administrative areas, such as the junction zone may exist illegal production sites, timely detection and investigation of illegal acts. If the circumstances are serious or accidents occur, they shall be investigated for criminal punishment according to law.相关的主题文章: