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Henan Anyang woman was traced with marriage stolen police said the Department of Beijing in Anyang in October 10, rumors (Liu Peng) in Anyang County of Henan Province, the net transfer of Leikou Xiang Qing Chi Village woman theft, Anyang police 10, foreign informed that, after investigation and verification, this message is a rumor network. Recently, the netizen said in a news release, Anyang County Leikou Xiang Qing Chi village villager Wang in the repair of damaged by floods and the wife of the grave, open the cover find her bones stolen, Wang not only was the faint cry, still in a trance. Revelations that still exist with the local marriage habits. Some criminals to stare at the eyes utterly devoid of conscience, just died of female grave theft deaths with marriage to female skeleton. In addition to the above text messages, the publisher also attached a suspected grave was dug photos. According to this news, the Anyang police informed that the investigation and verification by the relevant departments, the National Day holiday and around, has not received the clear pool village, digging the grave Ghoul alarm. After visiting the village to investigate the villagers, said they had not heard of such events, and did not find the information mentioned in wang. "This information is an Internet rumor!" The police warned that the spread of rumors to bear legal responsibility, please do not believe rumors, do not pass rumors. (end) editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: