Henan is taking Shang high speed was taken by the police suspect vehicle parked in Beijing-jiqingwuyuetian

Henan is "taking" Shang high speed was taken by the police suspect was forced to stop the car – Beijing at the scene, the police car was forced to stop has been severely damaged the Henan Daily reporter Li Jiangruiwen correspondent Liu Chuanhai map of the afternoon of August 23rd, Zhou Expressway in Shangqiu "plunder" and a suspect. Guangdong Shantou police escorted the Henan Zhecheng County Xu suspects on the way, suffered a suspected relatives of the suspect driving a vehicle tracking chase et al, forced to stop and double impact. Local police rushed to the scene after which 3 people away, involving vehicles have been handed over to the police. [police] police escort suspects during a multi car according to the captain of the Shangqiu Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment Battalion Squadron Jiang Chengli introduced high speed on the high force, August 23rd at 4:42 in the afternoon, he received a brigade command center, a man police said the relatives of persons being a black TOYOTA car kidnapped on the highway. At 5:10 in the afternoon, the police said he in the Shang and Zhou high-speed 72km west half, has been intercepted and forced to stop TOYOTA car. Almost at the same time, the command center received the alarm from the TOYOTA car, the car personnel claiming the Shantou Municipal Public Security Bureau police to arrest the suspect, Shangqiu, at a high speed by a Buick car hit by car bag, forced to stop. About 5:18 in the afternoon, Jiang Chengli, who arrived at the scene. There were 5 to 7 cars parked in the emergency lane, of which two cars parked a car in reverse, TOYOTA Highlander was two cars before and after the clamp, damaged the front, left rear door deformation. [chase] of police vehicles were subsequently hit after the rotating multi car double high-speed traffic police arrived at the scene, TOYOTA staff car bright and clear police identity, and introduced, they had cooperated with Zhecheng County Public Security Bureau in Shangqiu, suspected fraud suspect Xu captured to be escorted to Shantou. However, in the Shang and Zhou highway, they have many car trailing one Buick car hit the left side of the door to them, causing the vehicle to avoid rotation, they hit the guardrail, then reverse parked in the emergency lane. Almost at the same time, a Audi A8 car after overtaking, will come to reverse the escort vehicles to block. Since then, several cars will escort vehicle bag. High speed traffic police said, after investigation, the vehicle on the left side of the door, the bumper was damaged, the water tank is damaged, has been unable to travel. At that time, the Shantou police after waiting for rescue in place, in order to prevent accidents, one off to explain the legal policy to each other, the other two locking the door, so as to avoid the suspects robbed and other conditions. [results] treatment was escorted personnel suspected of robbery suspects relatives of 3 people were taken according to the high-speed traffic police, the disposal process, alleged suspect Xu wife and son and other personnel to the hubbub, and pushing the high-speed traffic police. Subsequently, they asked the Shangqiu Municipal Public Security Bureau 110 command center designated Zhecheng County police station, the criminal police team to come reinforcements. In the meantime, Xu’s wife said Xu Xu suffering from heart disease, asked to be sent to the hospital, the police are about to be transferred to the police car Xu Xu want to send to the hospital. However, Xu’s wife and other relatives to.相关的主题文章: