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Henan police suspect gouxian contract jailed for 1 years after 23 years still to be innocent original title: 23 years old small case cited complaints "contract police" hair "cause" Shuliang life many years ago, Henan Dengzhou police contract "Mao Shuliang, suspected of being framed was sentenced to one year, with this record, son also affected, so he embarked on a long road" cause "…… – Xinhua reporter Li Xiaolei   from Henan, Zhengzhou, Nanyang; November 11th morning, the Henan Provincial Higher People’s court litigation service center two floor, 60 year old Mao Shuliang sitting restless on the bench, 4 days, less than 5 meters away from the "criminal" office has no seat. Simply eat fast food at noon after his return to Henan by bus to Dengzhou, "judge" plan only once again delayed. 1980s, Mao Shuliang is a contract police in Dengzhou, the product of this particular period, he had a moment of scenery, but he was imprisoned in the disaster. From the police, Mao Shuliang suspected of theft detention, the court finds that the crime is the crime of possession of firearms and ammunition. After the end of the sentence, as evidence of innocence, in that the difficult years, Mao Shuliang still insist on appeal for two times, were rejected, only to abandon the appeal. He tried to rebuild their lives, with the son Maomao grew up, retting in the heart of the "shame" has been turned out. Really can not hide, Mao Shuliang by the wine, the past said. Mao did not complain about his father, but Mao felt remorse and tingling, he said you can not care about the world, but care about every move son. Until 2014, he decided to continue to appeal, then, the case has been in the past 23 years. "Don’t let an unjust case, influence the fate of two generations." Mao Shuliang lit a cigarette, slowly rising smoke spread in the head, but his heart wrapped in fog always difficult. The "golden age" 5 inch color photos are very clear, Mao Shuliang wore a "83 type" uniforms, standing in the snow, he put his hands into the pockets, some eyes blurred, eyes fluttering snowflakes, together with his camera frame. It was the winter of 1985, the golden age of Mao Shuliang". Mao lives in Henan, Dengzhou. For decades, he rarely left home. Mao Shuliang 5 brothers, he was the third, friends love to call him "brother mao". "San Mao" born in 1956, practiced their youth, after graduating from high school for a few years and construction related work, in 1983 by the recommendation of a friend to the suburban township police station work, when he was 27 years old. 1983 is a special time, this year the state for the first time put forward the "strike hard" concept, as a member of the police nationwide, Mao Shuliang at the police station is mainly sweeping, wiping tables, finishing the archival materials, no police uniforms, pay tens of dollars a month. Although hair still Shuliang but dull as ditch water, day in and day out, as in the past. Two years later, he ushered in. August 1985, suburban township politics and Law Committee Secretary Liu Hongyou announced at a meeting, Mao Shuliang and another 3 people into the police station, was transferred to the contract police, but no contract Peng相关的主题文章: