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Business To keep your house looking good and to keep it in the best condition you should plan on doing some regular home improvement maintenance twice a year.  For those who live in places that have all four seasons you should do this in the Fall and Spring.  If you live in a place that doesn’t experience an extreme cold period then you should simply plan to do maintenance around April and October.   One of the reasons for this regular maintenance is to repair any damages caused by weather.  Extreme weather conditions can really do some damage to a house.   By doing regular maintenance twice a year you will catch damage before it snowballs into an extreme problem.  So, in the end, twice a year maintenance will save you money.  The following list explains the projects you should include in your twice a year maintenance schedule.  – Clean the yard of debris.  Leaves and other debris should be bagged up and disposed of so it does not damage the lawn, house or other structures.  – Clean gutters.  Dirty gutters can lead to water damage for your roof, walls, windows and basement.  – Treat all wood on the exterior of the home.  This includes gutters, trims and decks.  You should only have to treat once a year and it should be done prior to winter or, if you do not get snow, the season you get the most precipitation.  – Look for foundation or wall damage.  Caulk any cracks you see and make plans to repair any foundation problems once good weather .es.  – Trim trees or shrubbery away form house.  Tree limbs hanging onto a roof are the main source for all kinds of bugs in the home.  By simply cutting back the limbs you can avoid large problems with many household bugs.  – Repair screens and storm windows, if needed.  You should also give all windows and screens a good exterior cleaning.  These simple tasks will probably take a couple days, so be sure to plan ahead.  It is a labor intensive project, so recruit the family to help out.  Everyone will benefit from this preventative maintenance and you will be thrilled at how many problems you can avoid by sticking to a twice a year routine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: