How can you teach a child how to fight when he is bullied norton disk doctor

The child was bullied how to do you want to teach him how to "fight" when their children were bullied, the moment many parents attitude is: "people do not make me, I do not prisoners, if people commit me, I have to prisoners." Because the weak child is unable to gain a foothold in the society of the law of the jungle, this point of view, do you agree? "A few days ago came back from kindergarten daughter language boa, said there was a little friend (boy) by hand deliberately hit her face, I asked her not to fight back, said she did not fight back. I said that you don’t tell me, out after a bully, remember to fight back, fight not to fight and win are two things. Lost again, I ask you to review, Dad I teach art is not fine, we will continue to practice; to win back I give you a victory, don’t complain that snitch thing, the girl didn’t know to listen to don’t understand, anyway, seriously said to me!" This is a post in the forum a few days before the fire, caused a lot of parents with have the thread like, this undoubtedly represents the kind of parents’ viewpoints: bullied, horse riding, children to cultivate the wolf and bloody, violence in bullying, uphold the principle of "people do not make me, I do not prisoners; if we are attacked, I will of prisoners" attitude, because of a weak child, it is unable to gain a foothold in the society of the law of the jungle. But there is also a different point of view: aggressive children won the present, but won the future? Like violence with an error to return another mistake, ring reported only wrong. When we want the child side kind of tolerance, while they do not teach violence with violence, contradictory? Today’s self-defense back, who can guarantee that violence does not become tomorrow? Good is not incompetent, tolerance is not weak, we should say no to violence". The children are the parents of the heart, sometimes wrong, are reluctant to fight, now even out of bullying others, the heart is not the taste one hundred thousand. In the face of the children’s parents are the small lakes, teach them to counter bloody violence with violence, or advocate tolerance, let the children forget? Today, we all give mom and Dad brought a very fruitful martial arts cheats teach children learn to fight"! Parents may wish to let children learn to fight. Professor Feng Dequan children’s education experts believe that children can gradually adapt to fight through group activities, and will be a lot of knowledge from school, how to reduce the pain when beaten and how to regulate emotions, to avoid provoking each other, how to forgive each other." Children over the age of 3 can according to the situation between the two sides, fighting, and the teacher’s attitude, decide whether to fight back and escape, and the child or adult help to your enemy, please. "For young children, can come up with a way to escape or ask for help, it does not always mean cowardice, but sometimes witty, can protect themselves from harm." The children’s campaign, parents have three strategies: the first one, let the children understand "being bullied is useless, everyone will encounter". When the child cries, you should immediately stop working, squat down and children head, gently holding the child, this can let a child know that he is very important, and the elimination of child anxiety.!相关的主题文章: