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How does time change your face? Do you feel that your face is changing little by little in the morning? New York artist Bobby Neel at the age of 36, suddenly found his face and 6 year old photos have a lot of similarities, so he took his 36 year old photos and photos at the age of 6 spliced up together in. In this picture, we can see how time has changed his face. Bobby Neel 36 years old and at the age of 6 photos Bobby Neel Adams need to synthesize all the old photos, so we can not use modern technology. "In the darkroom, I count two photos proportion, and then put them in print," Bobby Neel Adams said, "once the photo is dry, I will tear down the latest photos, and then put it together with glue and paste the old photos." After the success of this new experiment, Bobby Neel Adam used the same method to complete his "Age Map" in dozens of other works. Lorna 25 year old and 7 year old photos of Sally 62 and 14 year old photos of Christene 41 and 7 year old photos of Silvano 51 and 12 year old photos in the eyes of Bobby Neel Adams, "Age Map" that works with a visual record of the passage of time is the passage of time in the photo in the slow playback process stack". Photos of the two sides of the face shows similarities and differences, revealing the relentless time, but people go around, it seems that the total can not get out of the charm of childhood. Bobby Neel Adams1954 was born in the U.S. state of North Carolina Montenegro, in the last century began in 80s, Southeast Asian countries to travel for folk songs, artistic creation in the future has accumulated rich experience and inspiration. After the completion of the "Age Map", Bobby Neel Adams follow the same principle, the creation of "FamilyTree", "Couples" and a series of photographic works, will be the protagonist of the picture for parents, children, couples. These works have been widely acclaimed in Europe and North america. Lzzie 36 year old and 4 year old photos of Kelly 28 and 1 year old photos of Christian 41 and 6 year old photos of Simone 32 and 8 year old photos of Tornado 37 and 2 year old photos of Dan 35 and 7 year old photos of Jonathan 33 and 8 year old photos of Werner 33 and 6 year old photos Silvano 51 year old and 8 year old photos of Kathy 36 years old and over 6 year old photos from "iWeekly weekly" T1 is the Chengdu high-end life mobile platform, is committed to provide the code for high-end users相关的主题文章: