How many sports stars in the entertainment circle Gloria Tang Chan huireqi singing

How many sports stars in the entertainment circle like Gloria Tang Hui Ruoqi Zhu Ting Lang Ping Hui Ruoqi singing bar since ancient times, regardless of family style, more and more sports stars to entertainment, such as Liu Xuan and Tian Liang before. And now, little meat Ning Zetao, "the girl" Fu Yuanhui, "table tennis CP" Zhang Jike Malone…… Because of the outstanding performance in the game and the audience was understanding, has also been a wave of fans, popularity was even more than popular line star. And recently, there are a lot of variety show invited them to attend, to see their performance, it seems to be good, it is necessary to enter the entertainment trend. Women’s volleyball girls "every day" debut: index assumes a word identification: all the long legs, face is also good, as a model is more than sufficient, will sing, you enter the entertainment circle is not impossible. The girls volleyball team in the Olympic Games but attracted a lot of attention, and on Friday, Zhu Ting and Hui Ruoqi came to "every day" in the leadership of Lang Ping, also makes the audience tread on air. Of course, the two girls live performance is also good, after answering the question, Hui Ruoqi also show their skills song, and on the spot guest Gloria Tang sang the song "my secret", Hui Ruoqi’s voice is exquisite and gentle, Gloria Tang can not help but praise: "sing great." The audience also responded with warm applause. Sing a song, Zhu Ting and Hui Ruoqi joined them together, and the Phoenix Legend sang "dazzle most folk style", this song also completely ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, the audience and guests are singing. The players sang, the coach did not show weakness. Lang Ping’s old friend, singer Sha Baoliang quietly came to the stage from behind the scenes, gave her a big surprise. Two people together with a chorus of classic songs "hidden". Zhang Jike Sheenah Zhang Jike, "we have come to the" index: * * * debut in a word: the identification of talented and Yan, should benefit the female compatriots, but he estimated that some character of some shy, not adapt to your circle. Time and again Zhang Jike came! "The devil" Zhang Jike on Friday night Hunan TV debut "we come", as he Olympic Games after the first variety show, the show of Zhang Jike and all the guests of table tennis and confrontation, and Sheenah’s box also revealed he attributes "fan brothers". According to reports, Zhang Jike airborne, we came, he was surprised in a special way to debut, to bring a different experience for the guests, which is the first official meeting with Sheenah and Zhang Jike. Zhang Jike was in "every day" open your "ideal type" is the first Sheenah, let Nana "miserable" Zhang Jike’s surprise appearance let Yuan Hong provoked the gossip of the soul ", again and again to ask Sheenah. In addition, there is an unexpected "fan girl" Carina Lau on the line, asked Zhang Jike to dance, shy children following the branch said he would not dance, teach him to frank Ka-ling sister hand, usually called by the netizen "sister Liao master" Zhang Jike red face, completely didn’t look the goddess Carina Lau eyes, is actually very cute. Fu Yuanhui Fu Yuanhui ""相关的主题文章: