How To Unlock Blackberry Bold-noreply

Mobile-Cell-Phone The Blackberry Bold is the smart phone line developed by Research in Motion. The line started in 2008 with the introduction of the 9000. Other units include the 9700 model up to the 9900/9930. The Bold is known for its fantastic QWERTY pad, robust hardware, and efficiency, making it one of the most highly lauded of Blackberry units. The new Blackberry Bold is normally incorporated into data and voice plans offered by numerous network carriers to make mobile experience more efficient. If you intend to switch carriers, it would take one extra step to fulfilling that task and that is to unlock the phone. Getting you unlock code Before starting with the unlock process, it is necessary to get the unlock code. Do not use the code from a friend since each code is unique. In such ways, it is also an identification that isolates you as a unique customer by the carrier. Getting the unlock code can be quite a tedious process. You need to contact your network carrier in order to get that unlocks code. The process can take you several hours to several days. Expect delays when getting it. There are some units that cannot be unlocked for special reasons. These units might be on the not-to-be-sold list or the IMEI number is not on the RIM database. You might also one of these early adopters who got the pre-release model. Remember, if you try to unlock Blackberry Bold, be sure to do it with precision. If you make any mistakes 5 times, the phone will be permanently locked to your original carrier. This is a risk that you must take but if you are successful, you can enjoy amazing benefits like getting a better carrier for your needs or using the phone to other countries. For the Blackberry Curve (9000, 9700), you have to go to the settings menu. Find the Options icon. Head to advanced options and then search SIM Card. Be sure that you have a SIM card on when you do this process. The SIM card can either be inactive or active. On that screen, type MEPD. You will notice that there is nothing being encoded. This is because it is a .mand or function. Again, go to your keypad and type in MEP ALT+2. You will also not be able to see this. If you are successful with your typing, you will be able to get the prompt to enter your MEP code. This is where you put the unlock code. After typing it down, confirm and afterwards, your phone should be unlocked and ready for your new SIM card. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: