How to use a safflower oil right


life accidentally sprained, many people will be accustomed to the use of safflower oil rub. Safflower alcohol rich ingredients, taste more spicy, with magic blood stasis, swelling and pain, as people treat a sprained "killer". A Hunan Chinese Medicine Department of spine director Professor Yang Shaofeng reminds: safflower oil is good, can not be free to use.

professor Yang Shaofeng said that human tissue injury, first of all need to exclude the fracture, ligament rupture and other serious injuries, soft tissue to determine the diagnosis of sprain. The initial stage of injury (within 24-48 hours after injury), due to the destruction of capillaries in the subcutaneous soft tissue rupture, local infiltration, edema, inflammatory reaction. This vulnerability in the cultivation period, should be static and not dynamic, any excessive rubbing action will increase the swelling localized bleeding, and early limb braking is the commonly used treatment measures.

at the same time, injury, hemostasis is another key link, the commonly used method is cold. Cold injury can stimulate local capillary contraction, reduce bleeding, reduce swelling and inflammatory reaction. With the local cold compress bandage, the compression effects on tissue hemorrhage.

Use: apply only to the early damage of safflower oil do not rub

The commonly used

safflower oil, pharmaceutical ingredients rich in blood, such as safflower Xiaozhongzhitong drug ingredients, alcohol content in evaporation can play local cold compress effect, thus the early external application of safflower oil should be in line with the changes of pathological injury, but the clinical effect is poor and why? It is the key reason: early safflower oil spraying or soaking liquid gauze is OK, but the old people have love in the local application of safflower oil does not stop rubbing, the opposite way.

the correct use of early safflower oil can be summarized as follows: not only for rubbing .

In the middle and later stages of injury: gently massage, gradually increase the dose, increase the technique.

in the early stage of injury 48 hours, hemorrhage and edema in the effective control of local tissue damage, gradually restore power in the past the first "defeat", then partial injury recovery, determine the dose and frequency of drug use, can be a small amount of local Waicha, with gentle kneading refers to pain. As the center, gradually outward to.

with the swelling subsided, gradually increase the dosage and frequency of massage can be appropriately increased, give full play to its blood swelling, Tongluo Sanjie effect, promote tissue repair.