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UnCategorized Baby contests can be very exciting, for it can turn your cute kid into a Star. You can improve the chances of making your beautiful baby win by paying attention to contest details. You need to realize that winning begins even before your baby’s picture is taken. Here we’ll present you with some tips and advice below, to improve your kid’s chances of winning photo contests. The following tips are courtesy of experienced mothers, judges and contest organizers. Baby Photo Contest Tips: 1. Always pay attention to the baby contest rules. 2. Contests that have a cash prizes, usually have an entry fee. It is a good idea to consider participating in baby photo contests that are free but the prizes and chance to be spotted by baby modeling or talent scouts is much higher in fee contests. 3. Do not use makeup on the kid. Remember, Natural is better. 4. Submit good quality photos. If possible, take help from experts. Photographs with grains, low quality images will make It harder for your baby’s beauty to shine. Taking Good Quality Photos: In order to win a baby photo contest, your baby photo should stand out from the ordinary ones. This is the key to win baby photo contests. Your cute, beautiful baby photo should be chosen wisely. The trick to winning is a cute baby and an equally nice, good quality photo. When you want do the photograph, instead of making the baby pose wait and let it be a natural pose. Have the camera nearby, so that you can take advantage of those spur of the moment opportunity. Some contest judges prefer natural baby photos vs. posed photographs. A spontaneous photo pose goes well most of the time. For other contests’, judges are more focused on the baby’s looks and less on the pose of the baby. It is a good idea to check the contest’s website and have a look at gallery of previous winners. This will give you a fair idea of what types of pictures are preferred. Always remember that the baby is the primary focus of the contest. This makes it very important that the baby should be the only person in the photograph. .position of the baby photo matters a lot. Avoid anything in the photo that takes the focus off the baby. Avoid big sunglasses, hats or profile photos. Take photos of your baby, facing into the camera. Most of the space in the photograph should be taken up by the baby. You can use the zoom to close in on the baby’s face. After all it’s about the baby and not the background, right? A little background can add interest and flair. Too much of the background, can be overwhelming. Try to figure out the theme of the baby contest. Is it being held in conjunction with a holiday? If yes, try incorporating the holiday into it; bunnies near Easter, pumpkins near Halloween, etc. If it is done nicely, this can give your baby the winning edge. Following these guidelines will improve your baby’s chances of winning the baby photo contests. It will also make it more fun and take the stress out of the process. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: