Hu Xuefeng and European teams have a gap between the satisfaction of the performance of the Samuels-cosmax

Hu Xuefeng: there is a gap between the satisfaction performance of Samuels Hu Xuefeng guidance team training Jinling Evening News reporter Zhao Yanyan Jiangsu kendiya yesterday to play basketball during the practice of Euler last warm-up game with European teams, over a period of nearly a month of overseas tour, they will start to fly back to China today. Yesterday, the Jinling Evening News reporter interviewed him in Slovenia coach Hu Xuefeng, the team coach Hu Xuefeng said: "this is the first time the team during the off-season to tour overseas, whether the team or individual players, have improved and harvest, should be said that has reached the anticipated goal." The gap between individual defense especially in Europe during the warm-up match we played a lot, most of the team’s level are relatively high, from them we see the problems of their own existence, recognize the gap." Hu Xuefeng believes that between kendiya team and European teams gap is mainly reflected in two aspects of physical confrontation and personal defense ability. In 26 days, Cartier men’s basketball team and from Slovenia, Russia, Czech and Turkey and other European countries, the team played 11 match game, winning and losing. Hu Xuefeng said: in such a short period of time, playing so many games, the density is relatively large, which is the body of the players is a big test, but fortunately we have come over, but also very hard." Hu Xuefeng believes that the team in Europe, on the one hand through the game to find their weaknesses, and then through training to make up the gap, the two aspects combine well. "Although each player can only through this trip up a little bit, but everyone is a little higher, for the team is a big." Hu Xuefeng concluded. The harvest has been running in foreign aid Hu Xuefeng believes that in Europe zipper, foreign aid Samuels also completed a preliminary run in with the team. Because before the visa out of some small problems, Samuels came a week later than expected, with the team a total of three games. Through the understanding of the team’s tactics, and the familiarity between the players, Samuels gradually into the state, the coaching staff is satisfied with his performance." Hu Xuefeng said. The small foreign aid horse will also fly from the United States today.相关的主题文章: