Huang Lei to the future IQ pK a word on the child abuse-aquaria

Huang Lei to the future IQ PK a word on the child abuse of the opening of the "refueling" Huang Lei! To reproduce the "future" fortune son Huang Lei, Sa Beining and Joker charm to discuss the principle of Sina entertainment news as a recognized entertainment artist, Huang Lei [micro-blog] with high IQ and keen observation to win the "hard nosed" title for himself. And this week is about to broadcast! To the future ", Huang Lei will again play his usual smart character, to show the logical charm of God, impressed the audience! Reasonable analysis conclusion cited Sa Beining Huang Lei [micro-blog] call "didn’t play" refueling "! To the beginning of the program, Huang Lei was the first to demonstrate his extraordinary iq. Whether the transmitter in football can hit hanging sword, through the reasonable data analysis conclusion. While the high IQ of him, in the sense of humor, but also not dropped, "they are busy for a long time if not hit, the white work, simple reasoning allows the audience overwhelmed with joy. Later, Huang Lei gives the reverse reasoning, that measures to protect the program group to set the scene to see football will hit the sword. The three explanation, forcing Sa Beining found perfectly logical and reasonable, to "stop recording", call "for guests for guests, can not play!" Huang Lei Sa Beining was rolling frequent answer IQ Tucao poker-faced nonsense "in the next science exam, fortune son Huang Lei to open the high pattern of abuse. When asked about the "car waterlogging water should be what gear", Huang Lei with his rich life experience gives the correct answer, when asked about the problem of gravity skydiving, Huang Lei funny answer at the same time, once again given positive solutions, high intelligence quotient Freemasonry charm attracted Sa Beining the stem with can’t help. But "old fox" Huang Lei "capsize" when the seriousness of the audience almost answer when Sa Beining mercilessly Tucao for gospel truth, "this is the best I have seen poker-faced nonsense, you come to me to fight the entire audience uproarious. But no matter how, given to explain the principle of abstruse difficult scientific problems of a public, frequently show knowledge and reasoning ability of the super Huang Lei, let the audience convinced, will be no wonder Sa Beining aptly likened to "IQ in developers, EQ in wholesalers."相关的主题文章: